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Daikin won the award for the highest energy efficiency for 3 years in a row

According to Daikin’s announcement, at night, these air conditioners only consume 0.8 Kwh. If the electricity price is calculated at 2,500 VND/Kwh, it will only cost consumers about 2,000 VND for a night of sleeping with air conditioning.

Daikin Inverter 1 HP FTKZ25VVMV effectively cools rooms with an area of ​​​​under 15 m2. Photo: Daikin

This result is achieved thanks to Daikin’s air conditioners that have applied many advanced and modern energy-saving technologies, such as inverter technology (inverter). Daikin is one of the pioneering brands to apply this technology to air conditioners, reducing electricity consumption. While non-inverters can only operate at a single load, inverter technology can adjust the compressor motor rotation speed from the minimum to the maximum in accordance with the corresponding load of the room.

Inverter technology can change the operating capacity of the air conditioner without turning the compressor on and off many times, which consumes as much power as a conventional machine without an inverter. Experts estimate that inverter technology helps air conditioners save 30%-50% more energy than machines without inverters.

The second technology that helps Daikin air conditioners save energy is the Swing compressor located in the outdoor unit. The compressor is also known with the common name of the air conditioner “lot”, is considered the “heart of the refrigeration system”, responsible for transporting the refrigerant. This is the part that consumes the most power, estimated to account for 70-80% of the entire machine’s operating power. The most common types of compressors used in the residential air conditioning industry today are rotary compressors. There are many types of rotary compressors, of which the Swing type is an exclusive Daikin innovation that helps the compressor rotate in a circular motion, reducing friction and vibration, limiting refrigerant leakage, thereby increasing cooling efficiency. as well as save more electricity.

Swing compressor with gentle circular motion, greatly reduces friction and vibration, improving power saving. Photo: Daikin

Besides, integrating Smart Eye also helps Daikin products save more electricity. Smart Eye is an infrared sensor that detects the movement of people in the room to adjust the temperature accordingly. If there is no movement for 20 minutes, the machine will automatically increase the set temperature by 2 degrees Celsius and when it detects that someone has returned, the machine will automatically reduce to the old set temperature to prevent power loss. This feature not only saves more electricity, but also saves time waiting for the chiller to return, maintaining user comfort.

When users turn on Econo mode, the Sleep mode on the Dakin air conditioner control will also save more electricity. If Sleep mode is enabled, the device will slowly increase by 2 degrees Celsius within an hour compared to the preset temperature, helping users not to get too cold and save electricity. In Sleep mode, the device will run more quietly and quietly, so users can sleep well. Activating Econo mode when the room is cool helps the machine operate at low power, saving electricity, suitable at night or on days when the weather is not too hot.

In addition, Daikin’s high-end air conditioners such as FTKZ, FTKY, FTXM … also apply 3D airflow – allowing horizontal and vertical wind deflectors to work at the same time. The wind will be spread everywhere in the room without using a fan, saving more electricity.

Daikin Vietnam representative – Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thanh said that since its inception, Daikin has always pursued the policy of researching and developing products with high CSPF energy efficiency and saving electricity. “Energy saving while protecting the environment and protecting consumer’s pocket is Daikin’s top motto. Initial investment costs may be higher than other brands, but operating costs (electricity bills) month) is very low because of electricity saving”.

Daikin representative (2nd from right) received the award “The highest energy efficiency in 2022” from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Image; BTC

2022 is the third year in a row that Daikin has been awarded the “Highest Energy Efficiency Product” award for air conditioners. “This demonstrates Daikin’s seriousness and efforts in complying with and anticipating the regulations and standards of the Government of Vietnam related to energy efficiency for products,” affirmed Daikin Vietnam’s representative. .

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