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‘Crazy blood’ of a journalist

On the night of September 26, when knowing Hoang Quan (Newspaper reporter Ho Chi Minh City Police resident in Da Nang City) alone driving over 480 km from Da Nang to Nghe An, many colleagues and acquaintances of this 37-year-old journalist can’t help but be proud and a little worried…

The story started on the morning of September 26, when Quan agreed carrying the family of a Hmong boy only 10 days old (son of Ms. Xong Y Re, 19 years old) from the end point Covid-19 bordering Quang Nam – Da Nang back home. This is a family present in a group of 30 people working as rubber scrapers in Binh Phuoc, inviting each other to ride motorbikes to Ky Son (Nghe An) to avoid the epidemic.

I was in the same university class as Quan, and was really moved to tears by the work of my classmate and colleague. But somewhere in me also “blame love”: I should have done everything I should have a plan, this is just so crazy, even informing my wife and children before I go… forgot.

The army ran for 480 km, only stopped 2 times on the side of the road to eat and drink, 5 times health declarationclearly explain the reason to the competent force, do not “cross over and turn off” at 5 quarantine checkpoints Covid-19 of the provinces. And he doesn’t sleep either…
The end of Quan’s journey was very beautiful, when nearly 1 o’clock on September 27, at Ben Thuy bridge (Nghe An), the People’s Committee of H. Ky Son arranged a car to pick up the family of a boy who had just turned 11 years old, and exceeded 360 km more. more forest road to go home.

At this point, Quan breathed a sigh of relief. Self-identified as a person with “crazy blood”, the blood that loves to do things that his heart tells him to do.

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