Consecutive potted plants, wrenches fell from high-rise apartment buildings

Buffalo rams a girl walking down the street in Hanoi

Society - Newsletter 10/2: Plant pots and wrenches fell from high-rise apartment buildings in a row

The camera of the household recorded the scene where Ms. T was rammed by a buffalo.

According to the newspaper Vietnamnet, on the dike road, a buffalo appeared out of nowhere, lunged at the motorbike rider wearing a white shirt, knocking him down onto the road. The victim was thrown up by the mad buffalo and fell onto the embankment. The buffalo continued to frantically rush after the victim but fortunately it lost its momentum and plunged down the road below.

Ms. D.TT SN 1993 is a victim, Thai Binh hometown rented in Hai Boi commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi city said: “In the morning of the 28th New Year, I went to the market to buy food for my family. on the dyke, near the intersection between Co Dien and Yen Ha villages (Hai Boi commune) suddenly a buffalo ran up, it jumped at the woman walking ahead but slipped, so it changed direction to me. the buffalo slipped in front of me, I stopped the car to turn off the engine, tried to run away but couldn’t make it “.

Ms. T. lying unconscious under the dyke, was called by the local people to take her to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2 for emergency.

The picture taken of Ms. T.’s hospital discharge paper clearly shows the diagnosis of “injury to the abdominal organs, broken liver due to concussion” and has been treated conservatively.

Released from the hospital on February 6, Ms. T asked for a clip from the camera of a house near the place where the incident happened and then posted it on social networks. T. would like to warn everyone to be careful when traveling, see buffaloes should stay away to avoid unfortunate accidents.

“As a result of the mad buffalo’s butts, my liver broke. After being hospitalized for 20 days, the doctor sent me home for outpatient treatment and told me to rest for at least 3 months to recover,” she said. T. share.

Hanoi: Consecutive potted plants, knives, wrenches, drills fell from high-rise apartment buildings

Society - Newsletter 10/2: Plant pots and wrenches fell from high-rise apartment buildings (Figure 2).

The image of a pickup truck parked under the Seasons apartment building was broken by a falling flower pot and dented the windshield. Photo: Vietnamnet.

Recently, the social network stirred up the image of a pickup truck parked under an apartment area in Hanoi being hit by a falling flower pot, breaking the windbreak.

Talk to reporters Tien PhongThe representative of the leader of Mo Lao ward, Ha Dong district said that the above incident happened at the Seasons Avenue apartment building.

According to this person, the Seasons apartment building belongs to the administrative boundaries of Mo Lao ward, but the parking area where the car is parked belongs to the administrative boundaries of Trung Van ward, Nam Tu Liem.

“We have also exchanged and assigned the police forces of the two wards to coordinate to find out information about the incident,” said the representative of the leader of Mo Lao ward, at the same time, saying that the problem was resolved because the car owner was injured. The above incident also did not have comments to claim compensation.

Regarding the search for someone who dropped a flower pot and damaged other people’s property, a representative of Mo Lao ward said that because there was no surveillance camera system outside the apartment building, it was difficult to identify.

Moreover, the incident did not cause too serious consequences, so the ward sent functional forces to request the Management Board, the Management Board of the apartment building to strengthen reminders, advocacy and propaganda to raise people’s awareness.

Also in Hanoi before October 2022, a woman running a fruit shop at the foot of the HH3A apartment building, HH Linh Dam apartment complex, Hoang Mai, Hanoi was holding her baby when a flag was caught. rather large pears fell on people.

“I was holding the baby at that time, fortunately I didn’t fall on the baby,” she said. However, the wrench fell on her hand, causing bruising and bleeding. After two visits to the hospital, she had to undergo surgery. “I also reported to the Building Management Board to take measures to remind residents,” she said.

According to some people living in HH Linh Dam Apartment, the situation of objects falling from above is not uncommon, there have even been cases where knives and cutting boards have fallen from the sky.

An owner of a rice shop at the foot of the HH3A building said that his store was also thrown from the top many times. “Sometimes there are even glass soft drink bottles falling, sometimes even bags of leftover rice. Sometimes there are even coconut shells that have just finished drinking water,” this person informed.

In the past few years, another apartment building in Hoang Mai district has many items falling into the yard, sometimes a fruit knife, sometimes a garbage bag, children’s toys, causing broken glass. In particular, there was a drill that fell, hitting a car parked below, causing the lights to break…

Trinh, who lives in another apartment building in Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, said that in her apartment recently, a car had broken glass because an iron ladle fell on it.

In June, at an apartment building in An Khanh commune, Hoai Duc, Hanoi, a wrench fell from above and almost hit an old man walking in the yard.

General survey for 12th grade students in Hanoi

Social - Newsletter 10/2: Plant pots and wrenches fell from high-rise apartment buildings (Figure 3).


According to Security Capital To help grade 12 students practice and achieve high results in the high school graduation exam in 2023, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training is developing a plan to organize a city-wide survey.

The survey is scheduled to take place in April 2023. The subjects participating in the survey are students studying in grade 12 at high schools (public and non-public) and students of vocational and continuing education centers in Hanoi.

As in previous years, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training will organize a survey according to the prescribed program content. Units and schools are not required to use survey test results. Specifically, high school students in grade 12 will test 4 papers, of which 3 are compulsory (including subjects: Maths, Literature, and Foreign Languages) and 1 elective combination of natural sciences (including subjects of Physics and Mathematics). Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or social sciences (including subjects: History, Geography, Civic Education).

Students studying in the continuing education program take 3 tests, of which 2 are compulsory (Mathematics, Literature) and a combination of natural sciences (including subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology) ) or social science (including subjects: History, Geography).

In the school year 2021-2022, Hanoi’s 12th grade survey took place in two days, April 22 and 23, 2022 with about 90,000 students attending.

The whole city is divided into 16 clusters of schools. The school principal shall develop a detailed plan for the organization of the inspection and survey, ensuring the general principle of safety, seriousness, objectivity and honest results, reflecting the quality of teaching and learning.

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