Chills Study: 2 Brain-Changing Foods

Chills Study: 2 Brain-Changing Foods

According Medical Express, work by the Max Placnk Institute for Metabolic Research (under the Max Planck Association – Germany, including many research units) and Yale University (USA) shows that if foods are high in sugar or fat, or both at high levels, the brain will learn to demand them in the future.

To test the hypothesis, the team had some volunteers eat a small, high-fat, high-sugar pudding every day, while the control group ate a cake that looked similar but had much less fat.

All received intensive monitoring of brain activity during the eight-week trial.

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Food too much sugar, fat can cause “addiction” – Internet Illustration

The results showed that the brain’s response to high-fat, high-sugar foods was greatly increased in the group that ate the high-fat, high-sugar pudding.

This is due to the activation of the dopaminergic system, the area of ​​the brain responsible for motivation and reward, giving you a feeling of extreme pleasure and euphoria, like receiving an expected reward.

As a result, you become more and more addicted to the activity that activates that area of ​​the brain, in this case consuming foods of the same type, high in sugar and fat.

During the trial, the two groups showed no significant differences in weight gain or other health indicators, but the researchers cautioned that the habit would stick. Yes, in the long term, certainly the weight, the cholesterol level, the metabolic system in general… will be seriously altered in the group that is used to eating sweet and fatty foods.

“New connections are created in the brain and they don’t dissipate as quickly. After all, the point of learning is that once you learn something, you don’t forget it as quickly” – Dr. Marc Tittgemeyer, member of the research team, Explain.

According to the authors, this finding is a warning that a period of “letting go” of the body can lead to an unhealthy habit in the long term, especially when your body is already overweight index…not good, or belongs to the at-risk group.

This also shows that you will need to be more aggressive with cravings for sweets and fatty foods if you really want to change and improve your health.

The study has just been published in the scientific journal Cellular metabolism.

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