ChatGPT works normally, no need to change VPN when using in Vietnam

Like VietNamNet Once reported, many Vietnamese users have difficulty trying ChatGPT because OpenAI currently does not support the Vietnamese market and some Asian countries.

To register and use ChatGPT in Vietnam, users will have to resort to some tricks to impersonate IP addresses and phone numbers of other countries. The difficulty in accessing ChatGPT also contributed to the creation of a new service, sell ChatGPT account for people in need.

However, this promises to change when recently, OpenAI decided to open the ChatGPT service to Vietnamese users.

Vietnamese users can already use ChatGPT. Photo: Trong Dat

Share with VietNamNetNguyen Nam (Dong Da, Hanoi) said, on the morning of February 11, when accessing ChatGPT on his computer, he suddenly received a notification about a new update.

The content of the notice said, ChatGPT Plus (paid version of ChatGPT) has supported the Vietnamese market.

With OpenAI subscribers, they can access ChatGPT normally, even when the system is in peak condition. In addition, Vietnamese subscribers can also receive faster responses and have priority access to new features and updates.

OpenAI currently does not support new account registration in Vietnam. Photo: Trong Dat

VietNamNet’s records show that users in Vietnam can now access the feature normally ChatGPT without using a VPN app.

However, according to some users, OpenAI currently only supports previously registered accounts. For new users in Vietnam, they still can’t proceed Register for a ChatGPT account when using a domestic IP address.

“I heard that OpenAI has supported the Vietnamese market, I tried to register a new account, but the system showed a message saying that the service is not supported in the host country”, Ms. Ngan Ha – a person who needs to use it. ChatGPT in Hoang Mai, Hanoi shared.

With the ChatGPT Plus payment feature, Vietnamese users cannot make payments, even when using international card services such as Visa or MasterCard.

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