ChatGPT pressurizes, Google is about to have artificial intelligence features

On February 2, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company will soon bring AI features to the search engine. Earlier, CNBC reported that Google employees were testing internally as part of a “red alert” plan to deal with the virus. ChatGPT, the chatbot is backed by Microsoft. These include the “Apprentice Bard” as well as a new desktop search design in a Q&A format.

Google is under great pressure from OpenAI’s ChatGPT

“Very soon, people can interact directly with our latest, most powerful language model as a companion to Search, in innovative and experimental ways,” he said. He is referring to LaMDA, AI conversation technology of Google.

Pichai said the language model will be rolled out in “the next few weeks and months” so the company gets more feedback. Google CEO also affirmed that AI is the deepest technology they are working on today.

Google focuses more on AI in the context of its core advertising business under great pressure and facing the risk of “rival” Microsoft. The search firm just reported its fourth-quarter results for the fourth quarter of 2022, the fourth consecutive quarter that fell short of Wall Street’s revenue and profit expectations. YouTube ad revenue fell 8% and Search & Other revenue fell 2%.

Google has long claimed to be a pioneer in the field of AI. But generative AI products like ChatGPT threaten the entire Internet search model – Google’s “money maker” – because they provide creative answers to more complex queries.

Microsoft is said to be considering adding ChatGPT functionality to the Bing search engine. The danger of falling behind in the AI ​​war has pulled the two Google founders out of the shadows to directly join the protest effort.

Still, Pichai warns Google will need to slowly expand its AI engine. In a recent internal meeting, a Google executive shared that the company has a greater risk of reputation damage than many startups if it brings false information. So they choose a more conservative approach than a small startup.

(According to CNBC)

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