ChatGPT breaks user growth record

UBS research, citing data from analytics firm Similarweb, says there are about 13 million individual visitors on average. use ChatGPT per day in January, double the traffic of December last year.

ChatGPT took only 2 months to reach 100 million user base, while TikTok took 9 months and Instagram took 2.5 years

“In 20 years on the Internet, we can’t find an application with such fast user growth,” comments from experts at UBS. For comparison, according to data from Sensor Tower, TikTok It took about 9 months after global launch to reach 100 million users, and Instagram took 2.5 years.

On February 2, OpenAI announced a 20 USD monthly subscription to ChatGPT service, initially only for users in the US. Subscribers will experience a more stable, faster service, as well as the opportunity to try new features first. This subscription revenue is intended to help cover rising computing costs due to the massive user base, the company said.

ChatGPT, a chatbot using artificial intelligence and machine learning, can write articles, essays, tell jokes, and even write poems.

Analysts believe that the popularity of ChatGPT gives OpenAI an advantage over other artificial intelligence companies. The more used, besides increasing the computational cost, will provide valuable feedback data to help train and improve the effectiveness of this chatbot.

Last month, software giant Microsoft announced that it had approved the Investment worth billions of dollars into OpenAI as cash and cloud computing services.

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