ChatGPT and all there is to know about

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, full name is Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer, is a chatbot integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) developed by startup company OpenAI. The highlight of ChatGPT is based on a huge knowledge base that makes it possible for the application to fully answer the questions that users ask, regardless of the field, from writing poetry, composing music, writing essays, consulting. from love to programming…

Not only that, the rapid popularity of this chatbot increases the power of this chatbot, as the user’s interactions will be “learned” and become smarter by the AI.

Although ChatGPT’s answer is not always correct and it is not the first AI-integrated chatbot in the world, the rapid growth of this application could create a turning point for the AI ​​race that is already on the horizon. the hotter. Experts believe that OpenAI’s product will be a formidable competitor in the future with Google.

ChatGPT is the fastest Internet application to reach 100 million users in history. Photo: Spiegel

Who is behind ChatGPT?

This popular chatbot is a product of OpenAI, a startup founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs and investors in the technology field. OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, used to be the President of Y Combinator (an investment fund that sponsors startups like Airbnb and Dropbox).

Investing in OpenAI also has many famous figures in Silicon Valley, such as billionaire Elon Musk, co-founder Likedln, Peter Thiel, or giant Microsoft.

The company started producing the first products using artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2016 such as a reinforcement learning algorithm development and comparison kit, a software training system, and a software training system. Computers operate independently (Universe).

In 2019, the company developed GPT-2, an AI tool that generates convincing fabricated stories using excerpts from a 40GB database of text on the Internet. In 2021, OpenAI launches Dall-E, a tool that allows creating artwork from text strings. In early December, 2022, the company launched ChatGPT and quickly attracted the first 1 million users in less than a week.

ChatGPT is not as smart as you think

As a computer program, ChatGPT uses computing power to analyze a huge store of textual data available, from which to choose words to combine into sentences and paragraphs that best match the question.

OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, warned that the app “could generate misinformation” or “give malicious instructions with false content”. The root cause is that the AI ​​is simply giving a response based on a probabilistic algorithm rather than actually understanding the content it is being asked.

“Although ChatGPT has no real intelligence, it doesn’t understand the meaning behind words, but it knows how to organize and use those words based on existing texts,” said Josh Bersin, creator. human resources consulting firm Bersin & Associates said.

This application is “trained” with a huge store of data from books, conversations and articles on the Internet. For each question, it relies on statistical probability to choose words that are likely to go together continuously until a response is completed.

This AI works almost like the Auto-Complete feature on smartphones. Based on the input text and past data, the smartphone can predict the word the user is about to enter.

“ChatGPT does exactly the same thing, but on a larger scale,” said Michael Wooldridge, a research fellow at the London-based Alan Turing Institute.

ChatGPT will wipe out some occupations?

Experts believe that many professions will be affected by chatbots similar to ChatGPT, especially for basic repetitive tasks such as programming error testing, basic email composing, press communication, etc.

However, the Search Engine Journal said that the most obvious limitation of this application in particular, as well as AI in general, is the ability to express emotions or thoughts because the operating mechanism is based only on data, which is information and identification. statistical performance, rather than context-specific.

Researcher Christopher Bartel, from Appalacian University, said that although this chatbot provides a lot of information, it cannot completely replace the writer because it does not reflect personal perspectives, experiences or perceptions.

Operating cost is also a limitation of ChatGPT. Due to the huge computing power required, the server cost for this chatbot alone has fallen to about $ 100,000 / day, equivalent to $ 3 million / month – Tom Goldstein, computer science expert at the University of Maryland estimate.

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ChatGPT breaks user growth record

ChatGPT breaks user growth record

OpenAI’s recent hit chatbot, ChatGPT, is estimated to have reached over 100 million users last month, just two months after its launch, making it the fastest growing user app in Internet history.

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