Buy goods through livestream increase 18 times in super discount day

Shopee’s December 12 shopping festival report shows that users are increasingly preferring to buy goods via live streaming. Specifically, the number of sellers and brands participating in sales via livestream increased by 4 times, the number of products sold increased by 18 times compared to normal days.

This trend is evident during the peak promotions. For example, on the 11/11 shopping festival in 2021, sales revenue generated from Lazada’s livestream channel increased 7 times, at the same time, the number of brands and sellers participating in sales on this channel also increased. 1.6 times higher than the same period last year.

Buying goods via livestream helps users both entertain and clearly see the product. (Photo: Lazada)

During the June 6 shopping season, Lazada’s live-streaming video sales channel also recorded a 6.5-fold increase in revenue, and a 2.5-fold increase in views and shopping users over the same period. period.

According to analysis, livestream sales help sellers introduce products more easily when they can clearly show consumers the material, size, color … of the product. This also hits the psychology of consumers when buying on the online platform.

According to a survey by Lazada, 80% of users said that it is easier to buy goods when watching a livestream than when viewing a regular post. In particular, the main customer file of this form of shopping is the GenZ generation.

On the seller’s side, the livestream form brings many advantages such as the content of the videos can be reused many times, both saving marketing costs, being proactive in content, and being able to evaluate the viewership index easily through through views, likes, shares and comments… From there, sellers can evaluate the effectiveness of the livestream and make more appropriate adjustments.

Data from the shopping season on Shopee 12/12 also shows that the simultaneous promotions from the e-commerce platform not only help increase revenue but also attract a large number of new users.

Accordingly, the number of new users on this floor increased 3 times compared to normal days, nationwide.

This is consistent with studies showing that discount promotions are still the main method in attracting customers on e-commerce.

Not only attracting new people to online shopping, the recent mass discount on December 12 also helps users increase the use of accompanying services. Specifically, the number of new users successfully linking ShopeePay e-wallet doubled compared to weekdays, showing the popularity and convenience of cashless payment methods.

Thanks to promotions and product discounts on the whole floor, the number of products sold by genuine stores increased 9 times as usual.

According to Criteo’s assessment, December 12 is the occasion to increase online sales with the highest number of promotions in Vietnam, with an increase of 143% compared to weekdays.

Impressive numbers during peak shopping periods show the potential of e-commerce in Vietnam. The newly released report of Google, Temasek and Bain & Company, confirms the 26% growth of e-commerce, contributing to Vietnam’s digital economy with the fastest growth rate in Southeast Asia with Gross merchandise value (GMV) is expected to grow 28%, from $18 billion in 2021 to $23 billion.

After the pandemic, Vietnam was one of the countries that quickly restored activities to the “new normal”. Some consumption habits and trends formed and promoted during the pandemic are still maintained and continue to develop.

In particular, e-commerce has become the driving force in the growth of Vietnam’s digital economy and 90% of digital consumers plan to maintain or even increase the use of e-commerce platforms. in the next 12 months. The majority of consumers focus on food delivery services (60%) and online grocery shopping (54%).

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