Bui The Duc and the silence between seasons

Bui The Duc and the silence between seasons

“Do you remember the first winter in Moscow?

snow white forests

The old poplar put on a new coat

And your laughter warms my seat” (There is a Moscow winter)

I also remember wandering one late winter day in Moscow, when I had just gone there to study a 3-month short class at the Academy of Literature. Maxim Gorky. The image of the snow-white forest and the lonely old poplar on the side of the road on the outskirts of the Russian capital was still haunting me, when a friend took me to the suburbs. Winter in Russia is strange to me, because I have never seen snow. Perhaps Bui The Duc was the same when he first went to study in the Soviet Union.

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‘Taste of Time’ Poetry Collection by Dr. Bui The Duc

Bui The Duc’s poetry is very good, but like “your laugh”, it is warm. It can go to “warm me up” play“Because when we read poetry, we also play. But Bui The Duc still has one thing when he writes poetry that interests me a lot, is that he loves nature. taste of time You can understand that “flavor” here is the flavor of the seasons, but more importantly, the flavor of plants and flowers. Nature is the time to be, the time to see, the time to love.

From the Russian winter to the Vietnam spring, Bui The Duc’s poetic voice is boisterous. This is the feeling of spring in the soul, it is different from the idea of ​​spring, different from the linguistic expressions that praise spring:

“Birds singing and singing

The leaves whisper in harmony

The spring rain falls a little

Farewell to distant winter…” (Hear the arrival of spring)

There is music in this harmonic verse, and everyone knows it, when a poet knows how to express music in poetry, he already knows the expression of poetry. The poem “Farewell to the distant winter” gives the reader a silence, a wait. The poetry contains a lot of silence, which is the “change of season” in the poem, which makes the reader calm and moved.

And as it should come, the end of spring is the soft lament, the soft “vibration” of affection, of something fleeting that makes us remember forever:

“A glimpse of a lifetime, I’ll remember forever

Even though I know we can’t be alone

That face… And the bouncing hair

follow me forever

purple every sunset” (purple every sunset)

I want to review the four seasons with the poet, but it goes without saying poetry. Poetry is only suggestive. And the evocative images of poetry can follow the reader from one season to another, naturally and innocently.

Then suddenly I stopped at a poem that is not about natural time, but about parenting time. afternoon remembering dad:

“In the afternoon of mid-autumn, I visited my father again.

Cemetery path with green grass

lucky pig whispering in the afternoon

Smell the smoke of the incense to illuminate a place of peace”

“All my life I spent taking care of

Educate ourselves to be useful people.

How to say all worries

From a father who wants his children to be human”

Simple but moving poem. It occurred to the author when in the fall he visited the cemetery where his parents lay. There, time seemed to stop.

As a poet, I have written many poems about my mother, but for me, writing poetry about my father is the most difficult. A few years ago, I finally wrote a poem about my father, who I call my teacher. Thus, the poem about Bui The Duc’s father, although simple, is not easy to write. Especially when the person who wrote the poem is a child.

But Bui The Duc had a poem about his father, a whole collection of poems about nature living in his heart.

Poetry comforts poets, that’s all.

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