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Blackpink concert in Hanoi

Blackpink concert in Hanoi

HanoiBlackpink said “Hello”, put on a conical hat to perform and cover the “See Tinh” dance in front of 30,000 spectators, at the concert on the night of July 29.

In their first performance in Vietnam, the four Korean girl groups have many actions to please the fans. Right after the opening, the group greeted the audience in Vietnamese. Rosé and Lisa said they were lucky it rained before the show, but it stopped. They did the “goosebumps” move, showing their excitement as fans cheered enthusiastically.

Blackpink greets the audience in Vietnamese

The band greets the audience in Vietnamese. Video: ha thur

In the next exchange, Jennie and Jisoo danced to the song. see love. Because she hasn’t memorized the song yet, Jisoo is still shy. Jennie then taught the group how to do the challenge. Last time, see love by Hoang Thuy Linh, causing a fever on Korean and Chinese social media, covered by many Kpop idols.

Blackpink dance to 'See Tinh' in front of Vietnamese fans

Blackpink’s “See Love” dance lesson. Video: ha thur

When performing the song boombayah, Rosé danced with conical hats. She constantly draws fans to tune in to the music. At the end of the performance, the singer also posed sexy with other members as she wore conical hats. A while later, she when interpreting the song as if it were the lastJennie also wears a hat.

Jennie wearing a conical hat to perform.  Photo: Ha Thu

Jennie wearing a conical hat to perform. Image: ha thur

For almost two hours, Blackpink kept the stage lively. 19:50, the group appeared in pink outfits, performing the song How do you like that. The four girls wore different clothes from the world tour shows. They continued singing and dancing medley. Whistle, Pretty Wild with fiery style.

Rosé (left) and Lisa greet the audience.  Photo: Huy Manh

Rosé (left) and Lisa greet the audience. Image: huy manh

The group’s string of hits was in turn interpreted as Girl in love, I don’t know what to do. kill this love – one of their most popular songs – was enjoyed by fans. The performance is designed with effects such as smoke, fireworks. With Playing with fire, the group showed a good ability to sing live, especially the lead vocalist Rosé. Lisa’s rap part was enthusiastically cheered by many audiences.

Blackpink swaps and introduces themselves to Vietnamese fans

During the exchange, Jennie said “Are you happy?”, and Jisoo asked the fans to cheer. Thousands of people continuously chanted the names of the group members. Video: ha thur

Carry out pink poison, the title track from the group’s latest album, Blackpink got the audience excited to sing along. Most of the songs from the concert were remixed to create novelty. After the group performed pink poison, the band performed the song again for the dancers to show off their talents. All of the Blackpink dancers have good looks, many of them have a huge fan base on social media just like the idols.

Jisoo solo 'Flower' in Hanoi

Jisoo solo “Flowers”. Video: ha thur

In addition to the group performance, the members also had a solo performance.. The older sister, Jisoo, was the first soloist with the song. Flowers. She had a problem with her hair and accessories, but she handled it quickly. Every time she sang for the choir, many members of the audience sang and danced. Recently, Jisoo’s blossoming songs and dances trended on Vietnamese social media.

Jisoo shows affection to fans.  Photo: Ha Thu

Jisoo shows affection to fans. Image: ha thur

Jennie “burned down” the stage with You and me alone. Compared to many other concerts, many audiences commented that Jennie sang, danced with more enthusiasm and energy. Before the concert, many fans worried about her health because the singer had to leave the stage while she was performing in Australia in June.

As one of the members with the most Vietnamese fans in the group, the audience constantly sang Rosé before she went on stage. The singer boasted her voice with two songs Gone, on the ground.

Before the show lalisa of Lisa, the organizers showed a video of the singer’s shadow effect on the stage. The female idol is admired by many fans for her beautiful body and is compared to a comic character. Moon sailor.

The stage is staged with many beautiful techniques. end of post Forever Young, the group is shot down from above. with publication Account, the group performed with dancers in square metal frames. Towards the end of the show, the audience became more enthusiastic. In between performances, when the four girls took a break, fans were still cheering for Blackpink and each person’s name. During the break, the organizers played dance videos of Blackpink’s hits for the audience to dance along with.

Jennie on stage at Born Pink in Hanoi.  Photo: Bao Thy

Jennie on stage at Born Pink in Hanoi. Image: bao you

9:40 pm, the show ended, the four members continued to say love, thanks to the audience. Thousands of people were still sitting in the stands, watching the fireworks that the organizers set off instead of greetings. Many fans take advantage of the check-in, take photos with friends.

Mai Anh (23 years old, Hanoi) said that despite having watched hundreds of MVs and performances by the group, the experience of enjoying Blackpink on stage is completely different. She said that she was satisfied because the show featured a modern sound and light system, which helped Blackpink to “loosen up” to the fullest.

Jisoo wears a conical hat at the end of the concert.  Photo: Huu Son

Jisoo wears a conical hat at the end of the concert. Image: whoo son

Nguyen Lien (21, Hanoi) lost his voice from shouting throughout the show. She said that she has been following Blackpink since the early days. “I bought a 7.8 million ticket from half a month ago. This is the first time I’ve seen Blackpink perform live. I get goosebumps with each group’s performance. I’m a little sorry that this seat is still far away. Yes knew in advance, I would buy the highest class ticket,” said Nguyen Lien.

Beauty Phi Thi Thuy Linh, who watched Born Pink’s tour in Singapore, said, “The concert in Vietnam is better than the show I’ve seen. The group sang the completely new remix, wore new costumes and performed with great energy.” . excellent”.

Considering the concert a special occasion in life, one fan even proposed to his girlfriend in the presence of Blinks, the group’s fandom name.

'Sea' of people passionate about Blackpink

Fan atmosphere before Blackpink appeared. Video: ha thur

Earlier, starting at 7:00 p.m., thousands of fans filled the stands and took their places. The “sea” of people dyed My Dinh Stadium pink with the group’s light stick. The fans enthusiastically sang the songs. Turn off, how you like that, Pink Venom…is available in the field.

Before showtime, god torrential rain but it quieted down quickly after about 30 minutes. Thousands of people still eagerly queue up to register, some expressed regret using pretty dress but get wet

Blackpink’s concert in Vietnam has become the focus of attention since the end of June, on July 7, when the organizers opened the ticketing door, it created a “fever”. Before the event took place, many fans were concerned that the show might not go ahead as planned.

On July 27, VCPMC (Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Center) proposed license revocation concert due to copyright infringement. On the afternoon of July 28, this unit said that they had reached an agreement after discussing with the organizers – IME Vietnam. The two parties did not disclose the cost of the agreed royalties. However, Mr. Pham Dinh Tam, representative of IME Vietnam, said that the amount of units to be paid is “much less” than the level initially set by VCPMC (around 11 billion VND).

Right before the show, many fans were still confused by the news that VCPMC said it had not received any money from IME, despite the company sending a payment authorization announcing a successful transaction on the night of July 28.

Blackpink tour trailer in Hanoi

Trailer for the “Born Pink” tour in Hanoi. Video: IME Vietnam

Hanoi is Blackpink’s last stop in Asia on their world tour born pink. The tour, which began late last year, has so far grossed some $163.8 million, with more than 900,000 tickets sold. On average, each night, this group earns more than four million dollars with about 22,600 viewers.

black Rose debuted in 2016 and consists of four members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. After seven years of activity, despite releasing only two albums, the girl group promote music industry with many hits like Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, kill this love, pink poison. They have the most viewed YouTube channel with 30 billion views. In addition to music, the four girls in the group are also influential people in the fashion industry.

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