Ask the school to handle the group of girls who beat the council and stripped friends

Recently, the police of Quynh Nghia commune, Quynh Luu district, province Nghe An sent a notice to the administrators of Quynh Nghia Secondary School, Tien Thuy Secondary School (Quynh Luu District) and Quynh Phuong Secondary School (Hoang Mai Town, Nghe An Province) about the results of the investigation into the fight between a group of students of the different schools. this school.

The verification results showed that, on February 5, 2 female students in grade 7 and 1 female student in grade 8 from Quynh Phuong Secondary School made an appointment with a female student from Tien Thuy Secondary School to go to the sea dike in Quynh Nghia commune to resolve the conflict. contradiction.

Here, a group of 3 female students attacked and stripped the girl’s shirt from Tien Thuy Secondary School. The incident was filmed by a student at Tien Thuy Secondary School and posted on the social network Facebook.

Through the process of working, Quynh Nghia Commune Police identified the students participating in the fight, including: NTAT; HTKN; BTN had acts of fighting, humiliating others, filming, taking pictures.

The female student of HTNH, residing in Quynh Nghia, Quynh Luu district, engaged in fighting, humiliating others, filming, taking photos, providing a phone used for filming, taking pictures and posting videos on Facebook’s messenger group.

In addition, two female students were also present at the scene of the incident, including: NTBN and NTYT (both from Tien Thuy commune, Quynh Luu district) but did not report the crime.

Therefore, the police of Quynh Nghia commune suggested that the schools have a form of disciplinary action to be deterrent. education with the above six students. At the same time, propagate to other students in the school about the content of the incident, to avoid violations lawcoordinate with local police and families to take measures to educate in communes and wards.

Education - Ask the school to handle the group of female students who beat the council and stripped friends

Image of a female student being beaten by a group of friends (photo cut from video).

Regarding the incident, teacher Ho Tuan Anh, Principal of Quynh Phuong Secondary School, confirmed that the group of female students who beat friends was studying at this school. Specifically, there are 3 students including two 7th graders and one 8th grader.

“Receiving complaints, the school has invited the families of the three students mentioned above to come to the school to verify the incident. At the school, the above students have also admitted their behavior, “said Mr. Tuan Anh.

Initially, it was determined that the students knew each other on social networks and had a small conflict, so they went to the other female student to solve it.

Mr. Tuan further informed that during the meeting with the Principal, the families of the above students were very respectful, and then made an appointment to go to the student’s house to apologize.

Earlier, on the social network Facebook posted a video of a group of female students fighting. In the clip, a female student was beaten to sit on the street, without a shirt, and two other female students kicked her body, head, face, and pulled her hair by the hair. Although the victim cried and begged, she was continuously kicked and slapped so hard that she fell down on the road.

It is worth mentioning that there were a number of other female students around, standing, watching and laughing, but did not intervene. Even knowing that you were filming a clip, one of the female students hit you and posed in front of the camera.

The clip posted quickly attracted many viewers. Everyone was indignant at the violent acts of the girl group, and asked the school as well as the police to take strict action.

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