Arresting gangsters protecting sand bandits, collecting inter-provincial debt

On February 12, the police of Tien Giang province said that they were holding criminal detention for 5 subjects including: Dang Hoang Vu (52 years old), Nguyen Van Vui (38 years old), Nguyen Minh Hung (23 years old) with permanent residents in Ho Chi Minh City. My Tho and Pham Thanh Hien (29 years old, living in Cai Lay district), Tran Thanh Tuan (45 years old, living in Cho Gao district).

All 5 subjects are active and addicted members in the area.

Arresting gangsters protecting sand thieves, collecting inter-provincial debt - 1

Dang Hoang Vu was controlled by the police (Photo: Tien Giang Police).

Previously, from February 6 to 8, the Tien Giang Provincial Police coordinated with the forces of the Ministry of Public Security and the Public Security of Ben Tre province to arrest and search the residences of the subjects one by one. Many other related subjects were also summoned by the police and asked to work.

During the process of taking statements, the group said that there was a money conflict between Vu and a resident in Tien Giang. So Vu hired Vui and Hien for 100 million VND to claim 700 million VND.

Vu had advanced to Vui and Hien 3.5 million dong for travel expenses and to buy paint to drop into the victim’s house. After receiving the money, Vui and Hien called 2 more accomplices to collect debt with them.

From the beginning of 2023, the group of subjects continuously splashed paint, gasoline, and dirt into the victim’s house and constantly made threatening calls. Although very scared, but also had no money, the victim only gave the target group 20 million dong.

The subjects were arrested while committing the crime. Searching Vu’s residence, the police collected many homemade knives, pepper spray, a pistol cartridge and many documents and exhibits.

The group of subjects confessed to having carried out 7 cases of public disorder, intentionally causing injury in 3 provinces of Tien Giang, Ben Tre and Tra Vinh.

Tien Giang Provincial Police identified a group of subjects led by Vu, illegal sand mining activities, debt collection, property appropriation, use of weapons to commit intentional acts of causing injury and causing harm. public order disorder in the provinces of Tien Giang, Tra Vinh and Ben Tre.

Currently, authorities are continuing to expand the investigation of the case.

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