AI will soon think and act like humans

According to John Carmack – American computer programmer, in just a decade, artificial intelligence (AI) can think and act like a human. The former director of Meta said that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be a big “gold mine” of AI and become a trillion-dollar industry by the 2030s. AGI will have the potential to perform many mental tasks. complex, currently only humans can do, far beyond the single skill of an ordinary AI.

John Carmack, former Chief Technology Officer of Virtual Reality at Meta.

Carmack’s comments come as AI technologies like ChatGPT of OpenAI and the DALL-E imaging engine are extremely popular with both professionals and the general public. The world is also starting to get curious about the impact these tools have on the real world.

Since its appearance at the end of 2022, ChatGPT has taken over the world and aroused many debates. Some schools banned the app because of concerns about students cheating. Meanwhile, employees at big technology firms like Amazon use it to increase productivity. News sites like Cnet or BuzzFeed use similar AI tools to produce content. All show how far AI has come in simulating humans.

The functionality of AI is so impressive that it is speculated that it will replace humans in certain professions and positions such as media or technology. Song Carmack — who was CTO for Meta’s virtual reality division before leaving in December 2022 — believes this is just the dawn of the AI ​​revolution.

At the present time, AI has not really simulated human brain functions such as “consciousness, associative memory” and “things with goals and plans”. However, given the progress that has been made towards this goal, AGI can certainly do so in the future, according to Carmack.

He points to tools like deepfake, chatbots, and speech synthesis that help us visualize the capabilities of AGI. AGI can be even more powerful than that. He cited the example of AGI creating a comic, in which the system will create a plot, draw a picture, write a dialogue, far beyond a single AI system.

Carmack is looking to make near-human AI a reality. His AGI startup – Keen Technologies – received a $20 million investment last year. Not only predicting AGI extremely valuable, experts also see it will do many useful things for the world.

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