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A number of universities receive applications for admission

A number of universities receive applications for admission

Many colleges have accepted applications as of now because only 3 or 5 semester student transcripts count.

In 2023, Electricity of Vietnam will recruit 3,650 students, of whom nearly 1,300 will be recruited based on high school results (records). Using this method, students can apply from now until June 20.

The admission score is the sum of the three-year high school average score (grade 12 only counted in term I) of three subjects in the selection combination. Candidates who reach the age of 18 or older are eligible. The school has also started collecting applications by the method of considering the combination of the international certificate of English with the transcripts of the two remaining subjects in the complex.

Dr. Trinh Van Toan, Head of Training Department at Electricity University of Electricity, said the number of early applications is usually only “scattered”, but the school still sets a start time from March similar to that of the last year.

“Because scores from the second semester of grade 12 were not considered, students can fully prepare and submit their applications starting now so that next time they can focus on reviewing and taking the high school graduation exam.” Toan said.

The Vietnam Youth Academy also recruited 775 students with similar requirements. To apply, candidates must have the average score of 5 semesters based on the combination of three subjects of 18 or more, those who have graduated from high school in previous years can use grade 12 three subjects.

The Hanoi University of Textile and Garment Industry said that candidates can be considered by grade 11 results combined with the first semester of grade 12 by subject combination; or 12th grade transcripts. The school reduces the cost of tuition for the first semester of the next school year by 10% for candidates who register before March 31st.

Meanwhile, Phenikaa University requires candidates to achieve a combined average of 20 or higher in three subjects in the first two semesters of grade 11 and term I of grade 12. In addition, students must take into account a number of criteria . For each industry, the application deadline is June 10, the goal is about 7,000.

Some other schools in Hanoi have also started accepting applications, such as Hoa Binh, Dong Do and Thanh Do universities.

Academic record of a Literature major student.  Photo: Character provided

Academic record of a Literature major student. Image: supplied characters

In Ho Chi Minh City, Nong Lam University recruits more than 5,000 students, of which about 30-40% are recruited by academic records. At the main campus, the school considers the average score of five semesters (except the second semester of grade 12) with a minimum of 6 for each subject With branches in Gia Lai and Ninh Thuan, the total score for admission must reach 18 .

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education collects applications online from March 1 to June 6. The entrance quality guarantee threshold is the average score of 5 semesters of each subject of 5 or more. On June 30, the school will announce the results of students eligible to study.

Nguyen Tat Thanh University considers the academic records of students with a three-semester total average score (one semester in each high school year) of 18; the combined score on the 12th grade entrance exams is 18; or the grade point average for the entire 12th grade year is 6 or higher. Using this method, the school plans to recruit 40% of the 8,500 targets this year. The first round of collecting applications lasts until May 1.

Hoa Sen University, Hong Bang International and Gia Dinh have received application documents with transcripts. Many other schools in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City announced that they will accept applications for admission by this method next week, such as the University of Water Resources (from March 27) or Ton Duc Thang University (from April 1). ).

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, this year’s registration will be completed early so that schools can start the new school year in early September. With early admissions methods, schools are expected to complete and announce candidate results by 4/7. However, that result is only temporary. Candidates must still register their aspirations in the Ministry’s general system and only pass one of the highest aspirations.

This year, the university admission results are announced on August 14, candidates confirm admission for the first phase before 5:00 p.m. on August 30.

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