6 out of 10 Chinese “neutral or favorable to Korea”… The country I hate the most is the USA

6 out of 10 Chinese “neutral or favorable to Korea”… The country I hate the most is the USA

A survey found that 4 out of 10 Chinese people have a dislike for Korea. The United States is the most disliked country by the Chinese, and Russia is the most desirable country.

The ‘2023 Chinese People’s Opinion Survey on International Security Prospects’ released on May 26 by the Center for Strategic and Safety Research at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. According to the survey, 38.4% of respondents answered unfavorably toward Korea when asked about their ‘impression’ of seven regions: Korea, the United States, Japan, India, the European Union (EU), Russia, and Southeast Asia.

Specifically, 17.4% answered very unfavorable, and 21% answered somewhat unfavorable. 47.6% of respondents said their impression of Korea was neutral, and 13.9% said they had a favorable impression (very favorable 2.1%, somewhat favorable 11.8%).

The survey results were announced after the survey found that “Koreans’ anti-Chinese sentiment is the best in the world.”

In a public opinion poll by international researchers such as the Center for Central European and Asian Studies (CEIAS), which was released last December, 81% of Korean respondents said they had a negative or very negative perception of China, the highest among 56 countries surveyed.

The country most unfavorable by the Chinese was the United States, with 59.1% of respondents saying they were unfavorable. Next, 57.5% of respondents said they were unfavorable toward Japan, exceeding the majority.

On the other hand, Russia was the country that Chinese people liked the most, with 58.4% saying they were favorable, and 7.8% saying they were unfavorable.

When asked about the influence of eight regions plus Britain on China’s security, most respondents cited the United States as the country with the greatest influence.

Regarding the US influence on China’s security, 82.9% of respondents said it had a “significant impact”, followed by Japan (48%), Russia (45.1%), European Union (39.2%), and India (32%). , Britain (26.9%), South Korea (23.3%), and Southeast Asia (22.7%), in order, answered that they had a great impact on China’s security.

29.2% of respondents answered that the influence of neighboring Korea on China’s security was small, and 47.4% of respondents said that it was moderate.

In the survey, which was conducted at a time when China was maintaining its zero-corona policy, respondents cited COVID-19, confrontation with the United States, and international military intervention in Taiwan as the biggest threats facing their country.

74.1% of respondents said that China’s security threat is high due to confrontation and disputes between the US and China. Next, 72.4% of respondents said the security threat posed by international military intervention in Taiwan and the COVID-19 global pandemic was high.

80.1% of respondents said that “the United States and Western countries bear the greatest responsibility for the Ukraine crisis.” On the other hand, only 8.2% of respondents said that Russia was most responsible, while the rest said Ukraine was to blame.

The Center for Strategic Safety Research at Tsinghua University analyzed the results, saying, “It is related to the fact that about 40% of respondents cited state-run media as the main channel for information on international security news.”

The route through which respondents actually encountered international security issues was government-run media (38.6%), social media (18.5%), government homepage/social media official accounts (18.1%), and commercial media (10.8%).

The report also found that Chinese people are also confident about their country’s global influence.

In a survey asking China, the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations who were the most influential actors, respondents considered China as the most influential actor. The average score was 4.36 (5 points out of 100), and the United States ranked second with 4.22 points. Additionally, 90% of respondents predicted that China’s global influence has increased compared to five years ago (90.4%) and will continue to increase over the next 10 years (90.8%).

The survey was conducted online in November last year, targeting 2,661 mainland Chinese citizens aged 18 or older.

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