5 good PC games but not everyone knows

Every year, there are hundreds of big and small game titles launched into the market. In such a large “sea of ​​games”, if there is not a large fan base or a focused promotion by the publisher, a game can “sink into oblivion” even though it has very good quality.

According to PC Gamer, the following PC games not only bring a breath of fresh air, but also possess attractive and meticulously crafted gameplay. Their failure often comes from the launch of many other great titles, which makes them overshadowed.

Hunt: Showdown

Like PUBG or later Fortnite, Hunt Showdown is a game of the Battle Royale genre (fighting for survival). Despite owning an open world map like PUBG, Hunt Showdown’s implementation is somewhat unique, never before a game has done it.

5 years old PC game no one knows you 1

Hunt: Showdown is one of the most unique shooting games available today. Photo: Crytek.

12 players will be dropped onto a map, divided into 5 coop teams or 10 individual players. The player’s goal is to use experience, items, and weapons to track down and defeat the level’s “boss” monsters to collect rewards and get out of the map safely.

This is one of the most innovative and unique shooter games on Steam today. However, the game only attracts about 17,000 daily players.

We Were Here

We Were Here is one of the best co-op games on PC today. This series of games will give players the experience of playing Escape Room right on the computer screen.

5 years old PC game no one knows you 2

We Were Here Forever – the 4th version of the game series was just released in May. Photo: Total Mayhem Games.

Like other multiplayer games, We Were Here emphasizes the importance of communication. Players must coordinate, acting as each other’s eyes and ears to try to solve the puzzles of the level.

The puzzles in We Were Here will give each player different information, forcing teammates to communicate effectively if they want to achieve their goals.


KeyWe is an intellectual puzzle game with teammates with cute and colorful graphics. The main characters in KeyWe are Jeff and Debra – 2 kiwi birds working in the post office. Players will have to control these 2 characters to work to deliver the mail on time.

5 years old PC game no one knows you 3

In Keywe, players can unlock new accessories to customize their character. Photo: Stonewheat & Sons.

To complete the tasks in the post office, two players need to work together smoothly to help these birds avoid obstacles and complete the requirements of the game in a certain amount of time.

The simplicity of the gameplay and the increasing difficulty of KeyWe are the reasons that make the game a great game to entertain friends.

Honkai Impact 3

Genshin Impact would not exist without Honkai Impact 3. The game belongs to the 3rd person action genre combining gacha (the game works in the form of spending money to open gift boxes or wrapping items to collect cards. and character unlock).

5 years old PC game no one knows you 4

Honkai Impact 3, the predecessor of the super product Genshin Impact. Photo: Hoyoverse.

The game is set in the future, where the whole world is invaded by alien forces. In Honkai Impact, players will transform into 3 Valkyrie warriors who adventure through different lands. As time goes on, the plot of each character also gradually opens, through which players also better understand each character.

Honkai Impact 3 features fast-action hack-and-slash gameplay in a deep 3D environment. Players can easily rotate the camera 360 degrees, control the character freely. Each Valkerie has its own weapon. Players can acquire weapons through gacha spinning or crafting.

The biggest minus point is that Honkai Impact is still a mobile game put on PC, which will make many PC gamers not too interested in the game.

Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator is an Escape Room-style simulation and puzzle game. Players will have to find, read cryptanalysts, research, pick up and examine all the items and use these clues to overcome the challenges in each room.

5 years old PC game no one knows you 5

Escape Simulator has a free Demo so players can experience the game before deciding to buy the game. Photo: Pine Studio.

Each room has 3 main goals to accomplish, and achieving each goal within the deadline is not easy. The player must search for hidden tokens, complete each room and get out before the clock hits 0.

In addition, if the player has passed all the developer’s levels, Escape Simulator also has a level editor that helps players create their own puzzles to play with friends.

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