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3 things you should know before getting married

Marriage is not only about love but also about daily necessities and all sorts of trifles. Just one thing is enough to make you tired and sometimes completely down. At times like these, you will wonder why your partner has changed, do you really know him well or not.

Happy couples will understand each other before entering marriage. When they decide to live together for the rest of their lives, they will thoroughly and thoroughly investigate everything.

If you want to be confident when getting married, you should know the following issues. No one will tell you, but it really affects your happiness.

1. Marriage is not like a fairy tale

Marriage and love are two different things. In love there is much beauty in fantasy and romance. But in marriage it also contains many practical contradictions and painful realities. If you mix them up in the first place, you will be disappointed in your marriage.

When entering marriage, you will understand why the prince and princess always end up at the wedding or the statement “they live happily together”. Simply because love is too romantic, reality is realistic and there are too many issues to discuss.

Smart women really understand that marriage won’t be as beautiful as a fairy tale, not just hearing men’s promises and sweet words is enough. Women entering the family stage will have to learn to rely on themselves, learn to sympathize, learn to tolerate and trust along with confronting the small, trivial things of married life.

However, you should not be too pessimistic because if you find the right form of living together, the two will gradually get along.

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2. A good husband and wife relationship is not enough just based on feelings

The starting point of a happy marriage must be love. But maintaining a happy marriage cannot be enough with love alone.

If you ask people who have been married, they will definitely tell you that two people who want to move forward together must have the same goals, the same soul, know how to be tolerant, economically stable, and know how to get along. move forward together.

There are many requirements that make up a happy marriage. This also tells us that in marriage, love alone is not enough, but it is also necessary to constantly improve ourselves and understand each other.

To do this, you must start with good management of your own life and accompany your partner in all life stages.

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3. The scariest thing in marriage is not the quarrel but the cold war

A good marriage is not a lifetime without quarrels, but staying together firmly after each quarrel. It can be seen that noisy couples easily live happily because they will talk to each other when they have problems. It can be stressful at times, but in the end the problem is resolved.

And those couples who don’t fight when they have problems and let the cold war break out, it’s hard to get far because they always keep everything in their hearts. One day it will cause a huge explosion that cannot be saved.

You should think carefully about your partner before getting married. Many people do not have the habit of speaking out, do not like to argue, if you want to argue or talk, then ignore it. This type of person easily creates a cold war in the marriage, at which time you will be extremely tired and the relationship will easily end at any time.

As women, the happiness they want is probably very simple, which is peace and quiet with the person they love.

However, many women also suffer because of choosing the wrong person or have broken their own happiness just because of not thinking through life’s problems.

Therefore, before getting married, you should master some of the above issues so as not to be disappointed before the new stage of your life.

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