3 notes in communication, if not, others will see through the EQ

3 notes in communication, if not, others will see through the EQ

‏ “15% of a person’s success is due to ability, the remaining 85% is due to the ability to communicate.” Speaking is a compulsory course in social communication because every word uttered is a “calling card” that represents each individual , others will judge you by the words you say. ‏

The intonation reveals the EQ

There is a saying, “The better your voice, the happier you are.” In interpersonal communication, if you treat others kindly, others will treat you kindly. And if you use a rude tone, you make a bad impression on others.‏

‏There used to be a story on the internet:‏

‏A man took a mobile phone and tried to return it to the person who dropped it. At that moment a call came, when he was connected, he did not have time to speak, at the other end of the line came the angry voice of the owner of the phone: “Give me the phone back immediately, I intend to do that.” Try and do you know where you are!”

‏At first the man wanted to return it, but the tone and attitude of the owner made him change his mind. So he attached the phone to a bunch of helium-filled balloons and left a message: “Follow satellite navigation!”‏.

“Just like that, the phone flew up into the sky with the balloons.”


‏The tone of a person’s conversation is the most accurate “thermometer” of the heart. The more disrespectful the tone, the greater the discord between people. There is never a lack of goodwill in this world, there is a lack of good communication.‏

There are always hidden and deep thoughts in the tone of a person’s words. The more humble and mild your attitude, the more sincerity and kindness you will feel from others.‏

The volume when speaking reveals the degree of cultivation

‏There is a phrase in “My Fair Lady” that goes like this: “You can tell what class a person belongs to by the tone and volume of your speech.” Sometimes the volume of speech is not necessarily the same. It represents one’s position of right and wrong, but it definitely represents one’s level. ‏

Loudly refuting the opinion of others is not easy, it is provocative and insulting. We may not agree with someone else’s point of view, but we must respect their point of view.‏


An educated person knows how to make others submit to him with courtesy, rather than forcing them to obey by force. It turns out that real persuasion does not come from external motivation, but lies in the cultivation of the heart.‏

“Fighting loud is a human instinct, but speaking softly is courtesy, so the volume of a speech can also be viewed as a measure of one’s life.”

Chat content with hidden personality

‏On Zhihu there was a question: “What mentality will people have who talk about grievances, negativity and futility every day?” And the answer that received the most agreement was: “The narrower a person’s language, the narrower it is his world.” Sometimes the content of a person’s conversation reflects a person’s true level.‏


‏Ray Dalio – Founder of the Bridgewater Foundation, shared a story:‏

He once recruited a high-performing graduate student at the University of Chicago and had high expectations of that person. However, just a few days after joining the company, this employee began privately complaining to colleagues about the department manager’s performance.‏

‏During lunch, the employee caught a glimpse of Dalio sitting not far away. So he immediately told the person next to him some of the manager’s recent mistakes, purposely saying it out loud for Dalio to hear.‏

‏As a result, Dalio not only ignored the content of that employee’s chat, but also fired him after the incident.‏

‏In “Tang Quang Sage” it says: Anyone who says bad things is definitely a dissident. Human language is the “twin sister” of thoughts. What you say shows who’s inside you.‏

‏The topic that a person often talks about will hide their life if people who care about self-development often say positive things, and this positive “magnet” will naturally attract attention. Attract positive people and things.‏

Whether a person has a class or not is mainly reflected in the way they communicate.” Language is the most obvious “signal” from a person that when we “speak” a word, this word also “speaks” about the child. we people.‏

According to Hoa Thu

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