3 foods that weaken the immune system slightly, but many people love in the summer

3 foods that weaken the immune system slightly, but many people love in the summer

The main task of the immune system is to fight off pathogens from the environment such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. When the immune system is weakened or damaged, we are very susceptible to disease, long-term illnesses, difficult to heal wounds and chronic diseases, reduced life expectancy …

The immune system is a system made up of a network of specialized cells, proteins, tissues and organs. Their structures are complex and are found throughout the body, for example in the skin, lymph nodes, tonsils, digestive system, bone marrow, spleen, thin lining of the nose, throat and genital organs.

We must take care to protect and strengthen the immune system at all times, especially in summer. Because at this time many minor diseases, infectious diseases and bacteria/viruses are more active. In particular, foods that damage the immune system should be avoided. The following 3 groups are most common:

1. Ice or cold water

Cold drinks in general and ice-cold water in particular are considered by many to be the “saviour” at the start of the hot summer. However, no matter how much you want to quench your thirst, you should not drink too much, as this will not damage your immune system and give you the opportunity to “attack”.

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Ice Cold Water Is a Great Summer Drink, But It’s an “Enemy” of the Immune System (Artwork)

In fact, although these cool dishes do not quench thirst, they also have a negative effect on health. Drinking ice-cold water right after a meal, in particular, can lead to excess mucus build-up in the body. This impairs the functioning of the immune system, making you more susceptible to disease. Common problems caused by drinking cold water include runny nose, cough, cold and sore throat.

Also, drinking ice or water that is too cold constricts blood vessels, reduces blood flow to the mucous membranes, affects digestion, stimulates the intestinal tract, which can cause intestinal motility to increase rapidly, which can lead to intestinal spasms, which can cause intestinal spasms. abdominal pain, diarrhea .

In the long term, the cold of the ice affects internal organs such as kidneys, lungs, stomach, etc. Over time, these organs weaken and cause diseases such as asthma, gastritis, sore throat, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, colds, rheumatism, damaged tooth enamel, headaches, intestinal disorders …

Not to mention that we don’t always know the origin of the ice. Even homemade ice cream does not guarantee complete hygiene, since the coldness of the ice only stops the activity of the bacteria, or in other words only makes the bacteria sleep and not die. When the ice melts, the bacteria will go back to work, multiply, multiply rapidly and become more active. Then they damage the body, especially the immune system.

2. core

It is undeniable that ice cream is a refreshment and a stress reliever, especially in summer. Due to the cool, sweet taste of this food, it has the ability to stimulate emotional nerves and make us happier and more refreshed. The fact is, however, that ice cream is not an effective lifesaver in hot weather, but also damages the immune system.

Just as one drinks cold water in summer, the ice-cold water contained in ice is not refreshment. After all, in addition to milk, ice cream contains a lot of sugar, fats and various dyes, so it does not cool the body, but also increases body temperature.

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Not only is ice cream cold, but it also contains a lot of sugar and is therefore not good for the immune system (Artwork)

The cream can constrict blood vessels in the throat, causing sudden colds and severe breathing problems. Contrary to what it may seem, ice cream and cold drinks are foods that warm the body. They make the user’s stomach feel hotter instead of cooling down like many people think. It can also cause colds in the middle of summer that damage teeth …

Ice cream in particular is high in sugar. While eating a lot of sugar weakens the body’s immune system very quickly. Because it not only uses up vitamins in the body, but also promotes the release of cortisol, which severely damages the immune system.

American nutritionists have found that eating 100 g of sugar at once reduces the ability of immune cells to kill viruses for 5 hours. So no matter how crazy you are, don’t eat cold ice cream too often and choose ice cream flavor carefully to control sugar!

3. Beer and alcohol

You can drink alcohol all year round, but it is undeniable that the trend towards alcohol consumption increases significantly in the summer. Not only because of the habit of drinking more, but it is also an effective cooling and stress-relieving drink for many people.

However, alcohol is an “enemy” of the immune system, especially if you drink it cold or with ice – a well-known summer hobby. They have the ability to increase body temperature faster and lead to dehydration, just the opposite of what we often think.

3 foods that slightly weaken the immune system, but everyone loves in the summer - photo 3.

Not only in summer it is also harmful to health to drink a lot of alcohol at any time (Artwork)

If you drink a lot of alcohol, the body is deprived of vitamin B, which affects the body’s immunity. Because nutritionists have found that B vitamins are closely related to the production of antibodies in the body’s white blood cells. Vitamin B deficiency impairs the number of lymphocytes and the production of antibodies, thereby reducing immunity.

Alcohol and toxic substances in alcohol also decrease the immune system’s ability to attack bacteria and prevent disease in general. That is why drunk people are very prone to colds, bloating, strokes… In addition, it weakens the metabolism, increases uric acid and causes the immune system to work less efficiently.

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