“Who gave me honesty?”

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Major Nguyen Ninh Duong asked people to record the clip to prove that he was not the one who caused the traffic accident (screenshot of the video clip)

On social networks is spreading a video recording the image of a man helping a person in a car women was in an accident lying on the side of the road, got into a personal car, and took it to the hospital for emergency treatment. Worth mentioning, he did that help, while imploring: “Everybody testify for me! I only took people to the emergency room, not the one who caused the accident.” It can be seen that this man actively spoke very loudly so that his words could drown out the street noise and recorded in the video clip.

The act of saving people in distress not only comes from an honest heart between people, but it is also clearly stated in the law. Specifically, the crime of failing to help people in a dangerous situation is defined in Article 132 of the Penal Code 2015, amended and supplemented in 2017 with the following specific contents:

Article 132. Crime of failing to help people who are in danger of life

Those who see that other people are in a life-threatening situation, but fail to help them despite conditions, resulting in their death, shall be subject to warning, non-custodial reform for up to 2 years or imprisonment. from 3 months to 2 years.

Committing the crime in one of the following circumstances, the offenders shall be sentenced to between 01 and 05 years of imprisonment:

  1. a) The person who fails to help is the person who unintentionally causes a dangerous situation;
  2. b) A person who fails to help is someone who is legally or professionally obliged to help.

Committing the crime and resulting in the death of two or more people, the offenders shall be sentenced to between three and seven years of imprisonment.

Offenders may also be banned from holding certain posts, practicing certain professions or doing certain jobs for between 1 and 5 years.

The kind man was later identified as Major Nguyen Ninh Duong – Traffic Police Team No. 6 (Hanoi Traffic Police Department). He stopped on his way to work. Mr. Duong said that what he does comes from his own experiences while working. He said: “I have been working on the scene of accidents for a while. In the past, there have also been many cases where people took accident victims to the emergency room, but they were misunderstood by family members as the cause of the accident and charged, so I learned from experience. I asked people to take a clip to ensure their own safety.”

I watched over and over the clip recording the scene of Mr. Duong pleading and confessing that he was not the one who caused the accident. Everyone praised the act of saving lives and praised Mr. Duong’s wisdom. And I have more thoughts: Star Is it so hard to do a good job? How to be good without harming yourself and those who love you?

Just recently, in July, Nguyen Thi Van Anh and her husband Ngo Van Chinh (in Quang Ninh) were sued after helping and taking Mrs. PTT in a traffic accident to the hospital. Later, the matter was clarified when the witness confirmed that Chinh was the benefactor who took Mrs. PTT to the emergency hospital, the car that caused the accident was not the pickup truck of Mr. Chinh and his wife.

Being sued is still light. In 2017, in Bac Ninh, Nguyen Huu Kha stabbed Nguyen Hai Son in the back, who took his girlfriend to the emergency room. In 2020, in Soc Trang, Mr. Lien Tan Tai was stabbed to death by Tran Ngoc Hieu while trying to bring a victim to the emergency room. Hieu and his accomplices were later sentenced to life in prison and different sentences.

Napoleon said: “The world has become worse, not because of the brutality of the bad guys, but because of the silence of the good people.” How many people have silently ignored helping others not because they are not good, but just because of the thought “respect is not worth bothering”. Good people are always good. However, doing good must also be alert, can’t be innocent enough to become a victim with your own good. Major Duong’s story of saving people really makes us think about doing good in this life.

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