VPBank leaders revealed the plan to pay dividends and grow CASA 2023

In the house meeting invest To announce the fourth quarter and 2022 business results, VPBank’s Board of Management (HoSE: VPB) has revealed its business orientation for 2023.

Ms. Luu Thi Thao – Standing Deputy General Director of VPBank said that in 2023 bank has a basis for setting great ambitions because of its capital launch platform, safe liquidity structure, etc.

According to Ms. Thao, the bank will continue to implement the plan to sell capital, this is one of the capital action programs that VPBank has not completed in 2022. Accordingly, this plan will not change, the negotiation process will not change. Judgment is still going well, but time will be slower than expected.

In addition, Ms. Le Hoang Khanh An – Head of Finance Division of VPBank shared, VPBank’s capital sale transaction is expected to be carried out in 2023 and when completed, it will help this bank replenish capital resources, reduce mobilization pressure. Thus, in 2023, there will be factors that increase the cost of capital and factors that reduce capital pressure for VPBank.

According to Ms. An, the bank’s profitability may be slightly affected, but not too much compared to 2022. As for the mobilization program, the bank will focus on taking advantage of market opportunities, promoting promote digitization initiatives, exploit the ecosystem to the maximum.

Finance - Banking - VPBank leaders revealed the plan to pay dividends and grow CASA 2023

VPBank Executive Board at the meeting with investors.

Regarding the dividend plan, the bank’s Standing Deputy Director revealed that the private placement plan for strategic investors is the basis for paying cash dividends. Accordingly, a successful private placement will help VPBank have a capital base, in which the first priority is to set aside enough capital to achieve a good prudential ratio and will proceed to pay cash dividends when conditions permit. .

In addition, a positive signal in 2023 is that there is no longer any control by the regulator on the distribution of cash dividends.

Sharing more about next year’s growth orientation, Mr. Phung Duy Khuong – Permanent Deputy General Director in charge of the South cum Head of Personal Banking Division said that VPBank will grow strongly in deposits, focusing on promoting term deposit (CASA).

Because in the past 2022, the bank’s CASA growth has not been as expected because of large market fluctuations, shifting investment cash flows, as well as the risk appetite of customers.

Finance - Banking - VPBank leaders revealed the plan to pay dividends and grow CASA 2023 (Figure 2).

VPBank’s 2023 orientation.

Regarding credit orientation, VPBank chose a selective and quality credit growth solution. Next year, the bank also sets out the ambition to make VPBank NEO (super app) of every digital citizen Vietnam.

In addition, in 2023, Mr. Khuong also suggested that the bank should have an initiative to promote customer segmentation strategy, according to each customer’s portrait. Besides, the bank also promotes the growth of fee revenue through cross-selling, exploiting customers, thereby, creating sustainable value..

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