VNU announced the structure of the HAS . competency test

Recently, the National University Examination Center Hanoi announced the outline structure of the HAS competency assessment test in 2023.

Accordingly, the competency assessment test pupil VNU’s high school is built in the direction of assessing the necessary core competencies of high school students achieved under the General Education Program and in accordance with the standards and trends of capacity assessment in the world.

Through the knowledge content of the program education In general, the test assesses 3 main groups of competencies: Problem solving and creativity; Vietnamese language ability, reasoning, logical thinking, calculation, data processing; and Capacity to learn, discover and apply science (Nature – Society).

The difficulty of the questions in the exam increases gradually from level 1 to level 3 and is classified according to the ratio: Level 1: 20%, Level 2: 60%, Level 3: 20%.

In terms of structure, the HSA exam consists of 3 parts: Part 1 is quantitative thinking (Mathematics, 50 questions – 75 minutes); part 2 is qualitative thinking (Language – Language, 50 questions – 60 minutes) and part 3 is science (Nature – Society, 50 questions – 60 minutes).

The total number of scoring questions is 150 questions. In which, there are 132 4-choice multiple-choice questions with only 1 correct answer, 15 questions with answers in the field of Mathematics, 3 questions with answers in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

There are 50 scoring questions in each section, but 1-4 unscored test questions can be added. Test questions (without scoring) are mixed in at random. Tests with test questions will take 2-4 minutes longer.

Education - VNU announced the structure of the HAS . competency test

The test assesses students’ ability to think qualitatively, quantitatively and scientifically.

The knowledge in parts 1 and 2 is distributed as follows: Part 1 and part 2: knowledge in the 10th grade program: 10%. Knowledge in the 11th grade program: 20%, knowledge in the 12th grade program: 70%. Part 3: Knowledge in 11th grade program: 30%, 12th grade program knowledge: 70%.

Candidates take the test directly on computers in qualified exam rooms. For 4-choice objective multiple-choice questions, candidates choose only one correct answer (A, B, C, D) for each question. For fill-in questions, candidates fill in the answer they find in the corresponding blank space of the test question.

Scores of the test are automatically graded by the ability assessment software. The test results are displayed on the computer screen after the candidate finishes the test or the prescribed time expires. The total score of the whole test is 150 points based on the total number of correct answers of the candidate.

Each correct answer gets 1 point, incorrect or no-answer answers are not scored (test questions are not scored). The score of the test is the sum of the scores of three sections, of which a maximum of 50 points each. The resulting scoreboard includes the total score (maximum 150 points) and the top 3 components: quantitative thinking, qualitative thinking, science.

In 2023, VNU Examination Center will organize 8 rounds of HAS at 17 test sites. The scale of each exam is expected from 8,000-20,000 candidates and aims to serve over 70,000 candidates. The fee for each exam is 500,000 VND, candidates are only allowed to register for the exam up to 2 times/year.

According to statistics, at 9:00 am on February 6, 2023, the HSA exam registration system opened to serve 45,000 seats for candidates to register for the exam. By 3pm on the same day, 41,208 accounts had successfully registered for the contest.

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