The worst event in over 100 years

According to Reuters, on February 11, speaking at a press conference in the Kahramanmaras province of TurkeyUnited Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths hailed Turkey’s response to the disaster as “extraordinary”, and expressed hope that aid in Syria would reach all countries. areas controlled by the government and the opposition.

Mr Griffiths also described the recent devastating earthquake in southern Turkey and northwestern Syria as “the worst event in over 100 years in this region”.

According to CNN, the total number of deaths due to earthquakes in the two countries to date is 28,192 people. In which, Turkey has 24,617 people killed, while Syria has 3,575 people.

About 6,500 buildings collapsed in Turkey due to the earthquake. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Turkish people lack safe housing.

Against this backdrop, makeshift tents have been set up in stadiums, city centres, summer seaside resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, while hotels outside the earthquake zone have opened door to receive people who are being evacuated.

Restaurant owners across Turkey also flocked to Hatay in southern Turkey – one of the hardest hit areas – to deliver kebabs, rice and hot meals to the victims of the disaster. .

World - Turkey-Syria earthquake: The worst event in over 100 years

A boy is rescued from the rubble after an earthquake in Hatay, Turkey on February 7 – Photo: REUTERS

According to a United Nations liaison officer in Turkey, rescuers “are drawing closer to their last chances for search and rescue”. The viability of the victims is gradually shrinking because weather In the cold, the victim can suffer multiple injuries, furthermore being trapped for hours without food or water.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, humanitarian relief work for earthquake disasters in Turkey and Syria could last for many months.

CNN quoted Jamie LeSueur, head of emergency operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross, as saying that the relief process for earthquake victims in Turkey has now entered the stage of conducting emergency operations. humanitarian measures.

LeSueur told CNN that as his team continues search and rescue operations in Turkey, the greatest needs for earthquake victims continue to be food, water and medical care.


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