The story of the long-legged girl on the mountain of God

… In order to go up the mountain, there used to be a walking path about fifteen kilometers long. On the steep passes, there is a shrine to worship Thien Yana. The forest has many dangerous tigers and cat ears: “First tiger Ba Ba. Second ghost Phu Tuc”.

Short husband, tall wife with a pole to light a fire

There are many anecdotes left behind about the legend of the goddess of the upper thousand Ba Na. Some say Son Tinh’s daughter – My Nuong. She replaced her father to govern the whole mountains and caves throughout the Central South region on the Truong Son mountain range. But perhaps the stories handed down in folklore are recounted as authentic witnesses to the story. Once upon a time, there was a young couple living very happily at the foot of the mountain.

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The castles in the old French village

The wife’s name is Na, and the husband’s name is Nong. They often go to the fields together or hunt in the deep forest. The most beautiful young wife in her twenties in the region. The oval face and tall figure of the wife make many boys in the area fascinated. Yet the girl married an ugly, short, broad-shouldered husband. She also has long, leisurely legs and a face like a fairy flower. Everyone said they weren’t a good match.

So the long-legged Na was always flirted with by the boys in the courtship. They made fun of her and even called Nong ugly. A boy even sang to express his love when she went to the mountain to collect firewood. At first she enjoyed listening. The lyrics say: “Who’s there! Who’s that! Is in the distance/ O lover. The lover that I’ve been waiting for, still waiting for months and years…”. (Cham folk song). The wife is happy about telling the story to her husband. Since then, the jealous husband, ignorant wife at home does not let her go to the forest to collect firewood or go down to the stream to catch fish. Ms. Na is crazy at home, doing all the housework and blowing rice for her husband to eat. The tree fence is high. The gate was locked, the young wife could not go out. Every day the husband goes to work with peace of mind and does not care about his beautiful wife anymore.

By chance, Mr. Nong forgot to roll a fishing line on the river, so he went back home to get it. To his surprise, he saw a young man peeking over the top of the fence. In the boy’s hand was a newly braided straw bait. The husband quickly hid behind a big tree to watch. At that moment he saw his wife looming over the fence and whispering something to the other boy. It was an inconceivable sight when he saw his wife poking her foot through a gap in the fence with a spark plug in both her fingers. The husband held his breath and followed.

The young man said loudly that the fire had not come out yet. So the wife enthusiastically pulled her pants up to her thighs to stick her legs out to give the guy a fire. The husband thought he was dreaming, but when he saw the other man standing and looking at his wife’s thighs, he woke up and shouted.

The boy quickly ran away. The wife withdrew her feet in time when her husband opened the gate. The hot-blooded husband grabbed a knife and chased his wife to kill her. Ms. Na ran and justified herself, but could not stop her husband’s furious jealousy. The husband got angry and determined to kill his wife. When cornering his wife into the corner of the garden, Nong waved his knife but did not expect his wife to jump over the fence to escape.

The short husband couldn’t keep up with his long and strong wife. Ms. Na ran up the mountain trail because her husband was still extremely angry. The husband chased and shouted. The chase went up the high mountain when the dark clouds pulled down. The sky is dark.

The wife ran for a long time and did not hear her husband’s footsteps chasing her anymore. I was about to go back down the mountain, but the clouds were so thick I couldn’t see the way. She had to stand still for fear of falling into the cliff. Suddenly, Na was worried that her husband would be stalked by a tiger, so she kept quiet and stopped screaming. But she dared not move half a step. At that time, the lost husband ran exhausted and lay unconscious on the slope halfway up the mountain. A poisonous wind knocked Nong to death while his eyes filled with tears because he loved his wife.

The next morning, from the top of Co Na mountain, she went down to find her husband because she heard the crow’s roar. Many days of mourning, she went to find her husband on the tops of the mountains. Once, Na suddenly saw on the back of a mountain in the distance a rock shaped like a man resting his head on a rattan pillow as if sleeping. The crows told her in a dream that it was the lonely grave on the high pass of Mr. Nong.

The young wife wept bitterly from grief. Day by day she went to the mountain to cry and transform into a seven-tiered waterfall flowing down from the top of the mountain. The waterfall roars day and night like the cry of a wife who wants to prove her purity. That is Toc Tien waterfall stream today.

Na’s grave is in the mound on the top of the mountain 1,478 meters high. This is the queen of the mountain that stretches out to the sea. The temple worships the goddess of heaven, who is the queen of love in the desire of many generations (Ling Lord Linh Tu).

Golden Bridge of Love

Recently, Ba Na tourist area has appeared a happy bridge. People named it Golden Bridge or Love Bridge. Couples always come here to see Da Nang city with many wishes for the future and happiness. The golden bridge is designed with two giant hands as piers suspended in the sky. This is a highlight next to the old temple. Although the Cham ethnic group no longer exists here, the remaining relics show a honored cultural identity along with the ancient temple with the largest meditating Buddha statue (27 meters high).

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Stilt performance on top of Ba Na

Besides, the old French villas create a very interesting harmony in the misty mountains. The 150-meter-long golden bridge stretches out into the vast space, creating a new feature and adorning the defiance of time. This high adventure makes the love and marriage of couples more poetic. The ancient story of Mr. Nong and Ms. Na seems to be coming to life in the race on the top of a high mountain covered in windy clouds.

We went to Ba Na and got lost in other craggy roads when we reached the old villas that were left intact on the cliffs. The ancient candles seem to be still burning with the French wine cellar built in 1919. From afar, hundreds of streams on Ba Na mountain fall down to create Tuy Loan, Lo Dong and Vang rivers.

The climate in the mountains resembles that of spring in France. They discovered the vast land on Ba Na mountain from 1901. Perhaps the Lady Chua Thuong thousand gave people this magical land. The poet Che Lan Vien once wrote: “I have just seen her shadow on the green grass / A long stream of smooth hair flows in the middle of the moon” (Dream).

The dance of long-legged people

The French Village and Love Park were recently built on the top floor of Ba Na Mountain. Sun Group has inherited a novel idea when creating a surprising European cultural space for those who set foot here. With an area of ​​​​more than 4.5 hectares, the French cultural village appears with deep mossy features looming in the clouds.

In the morning on the ancient village is the early spring season with peach trees blooming and hydrangea garden. A rustic pine scent wafts up from the gardens and the sleeping villa in the woods. Castles and windmills soaring in the mist spread soothing music. The melodies of love songs through the trumpet make people’s hearts flutter.

Unexpectedly, we saw a long-legged couple appearing in front of two young people on stilts dancing the waltz by the flower garden. Many girls and boys dance along in the spring dance. They reveled in the wonderful dance of love in the sun. In the distance, the Cham tower appears in the white clouds. The plum blossoms have begun to bloom and seem to be ringing in the wind swirling around the mountainside.

The shadows of the village women are blurred in the nine-tiered spring water. They danced and sang to the sound of Saranai trumpets. Those are the fairies dancing happily and integrating with the rhythm of spring. I suddenly heard the verses of the poet Inrasara somewhere in the ancient Ba Na wilderness: “Sleeping in the stone life / The artist’s hand is pregnant / A hundred years old / A dream that burns for thousands of years / Swirling in the heart of the rock / A smile drifting on her lips” (Apsara).

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