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The late regret of the boy who committed robbery at the age of 15

In green clothes that are baggy for his body, LAQ, SN 2007, residing in Nghe An honestly confessed his crime. Looking at Q’s young, white face, everyone regrets the future of this young man. While his classmates went to school with books, Q. had to sit huddled in a criminal suit and stand in front of the reporting platform. The defendant’s hands were wrapped in dry handcuffs.

This young man was brought to appeal for the crime of robbery. Q.’s father also attended the trial as a guardian. The father’s eyes looked sad as he looked at his son sitting in front of the podium. At this time, Q.’s mother is also serving a sentence for another crime.

The trial took place quite quickly because the defendant admitted all his crimes. The traffic police determined that in a short time, Q. and a group of his friends had committed acts of robbing people’s property, causing confusion in public opinion and disorder in the locality. Therefore, the authorities have investigated and arrested the subjects. By the end of April 2022, Q. and a group of friends were arrested for robbery. At the first-instance court hearing, Q. was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison for robbery. After that, the defendant filed an appeal to reduce the sentence.

Investigation file - The late regret of the boy who committed robbery at the age of 15

Defendant LAQ at the trial.

Standing in front of the testimony podium in the appellate court session, defendant Q. softly admitted his crime. The defendant knows his behavior is wrong and the time in detention feels very regretful. Q.’s father present at the trial also asked the jury to reduce the crime for his son. Q.’s father said that his family situation is also difficult. The accused father also admitted his own fault for not fulfilling his father’s duties when he let his son fall into a sinful path. Letting his children get caught up in the law at a young age makes the father feel very sad.

Accordingly, from a young age, the young man lived in a situation of lack of love from his parents when those two committed crimes one by one and had to go to prison. Even for a long time, Q. had to live with his grandparents. Grandparents also worry, teach and make up for the lack of both parents. However, Q. did not listen to his grandparents and followed his playful friends, racing along with his wandering friends. When entering grade 8 due to participating in a fight, Q. was disciplined by the school by staying in class. Not long after that, Q. decided to drop out of school, despite his grandparents and relatives dissuaded him. At one point, Q. left for a long time.

With no job, to have money to spend, Q. followed his friends to work as a food delivery company. How much money he earned, Q. teamed up with friends to pay for meals and rent a hotel to stay. When Q. and his friends committed a crime of robbery and were arrested by the police. Not long after that, Q.’s mother was also entangled in the labor cycle.

Talking about the cause of his criminal behavior, Q. said because he was greedy, competing with bad friends and did not understand. law. The defendant gave a number of reasons to ask the court to reduce the punishment, such as having participated in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, which was recognized by the local government, and presented the situation that his parents were divorced, lack of care of the parents. relatives. “The defendant wants the jury to reduce the punishment so that the defendant can rebuild his life,” said defendant Q. lily.

During the deliberation, Q. asked about the health of his father and family members. The father also approached his son and advised him to renovate well so that he could return to rebuild his life soon.

After the appellate trial, the Trial Panel found that the crime of robbing the defendant’s property was dangerous to society, not only infringing upon the citizens’ right to own property protected by law, but also also cause social disorder. However, it is also necessary to consider new circumstances for the accused such as participating in anti-epidemic during the epidemic Covid-19and considering the defendant’s criminal circumstances, the appellate court accepted the appeal of the defendant LAQ, changing the first-instance sentence to 3 years in prison.

The 3-year prison sentence is the price that Q. has to pay for his crime. Hopefully this first fall in life will make Q wake up and rebuild his life.

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