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The 28-year-old girl has a ‘terrible’ ovarian tumor

Recently, doctors at Bai Chay Hospital (Quang Ninh) received a female patient (28 years old, residing in Son Dong district, Bac Giang province) with a giant ovarian tumor, pressing on surrounding organs.

According to the patient, in the last 5 months, Ms. N has noticed that her belly has grown rapidly, equivalent to an 8 month pregnant belly, accompanied by pain and difficulty breathing. At the hospital, she was examined by doctors and performed diagnostic tests. The results of ultrasound and CT scan showed a large fluid-shaped tumor occupying the entire abdomen, extending from the hypogastrium to the epigastrium. Doctors consulted and agreed to diagnose a large abdominal tumor equivalent to an 8-month fetus. It is known that in 2019, the patient also had surgery to remove an ovarian tumor.

At Bai Chay Hospital, the patient underwent surgery to remove a giant tumor weighing 6.6 kg, inside containing a lot of mucus coming from the left ovary, sticking to the mesentery of the small intestine. After 3 days of surgery, the patient’s health is stable, the incision is dry.

Doctor CKI. Duong Xuan Hiep – Head of the Department of Surgery, Bai Chay Hospital said: “With large ovarian tumours, if not detected and treated early, the tumor will grow more and more, making the patient heavy. Abdomen, tumor presses on adjacent organs such as bladder, rectum, large intestine causing frequent urination, frequent urination and persistent constipation, poor diet, compression of aorta, veins, increased Abdominal pressure causes difficulty breathing, pain… affects the patient’s health, quality of life, reproductive function. , leading to peritonitis, abdominal infection, life-threatening.

The surgical process requires careful and skillful dissection of the surgeon so that the tumor is removed intact and thoroughly, limiting complications due to blood loss, anesthesia, etc., shortening the surgery time. , ensure patient safety. In addition, the anesthesia stage also needs special attention, arrange a doctor to continuously monitor the indicators, ensure that the patient is stable, there are no problems during the operation, helping the surgery. staff can rest assured.”

Endometrial cancer is an abnormal growth of fluid or solid that looks like poop on or inside an ovary. This is a common gynecological disease in all subjects from girls at puberty to the elderly > 80 years old, affecting the health, activities, quality of life and fertility of women. 90% of ovarian cysts are benign (less cancerous), 10% develop malignant.

With ovarian tumors less than 10 cm in size, patients can be treated by laparoscopic surgery instead of open surgery, with less pain, faster recovery time, and guaranteed reproductive function. With large tumors like the patient above, it is necessary to conduct open surgery, long postoperative days.

Therefore, doctors recommend that women of childbearing age and women in menopause should periodically have obstetric and gynecological examinations to detect, diagnose and treat abnormal tumors early. develop large size or malignant complications affecting health and life. When there are signs of severe abdominal pain or the body is thin but the abdomen is abnormally large, it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately for examination and treatment advice.

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