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Successful start-up model

The ultimate coffee world of Trung Nguyen Legend

In 2022, Trung Nguyen Legend continuously makes a strong impression on the retail and F&B markets, becoming the most known and most used coffee chain brand in Vietnam. (tpig publish the result survey from Q&Me Vietnam).

Specifically, in the consumer’s top-of-mind list of Vietnamese coffee brands, 40% of survey respondents mentioned Trung Nguyen Legend first. Trung Nguyen Legend coffee chain is also rated as superior by customers in terms of taste, price, and is the most used coffee brand.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee: A successful startup model - Photo 1.

Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World in Shanghai, China won the prestigious award “Best Coffee Shop in 2022”.

In the last 3 months of 2022, Trung Nguyen Legend Café, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee and Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World have all promoted nationwide development, attracting the attention of many international partners from many countries. markets such as Korea, Asean, USA,… Trung Nguyen Legend Café simultaneously 12 spaces in 1 day in December 2022, bringing more than 20 spaces into operation within 2 months.

Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World in Shanghai, China has affirmed its strong attraction through 2 prestigious awards, “Best Coffee Shop in 2022” and “Famous Coffee Shop of the Year”.

Particularly, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee recently increased the heat in the retail and F&B markets with the Seminar “Connection – Success of the Zero-Cost Franchise model Trung Nguyen E-Coffee” took place on December 22 in Hanoi. Interior.

Along with regular online and face-to-face consulting activities, the seminar continued to promote the implementation of the target of 3,000 Trung Nguyen E-Coffee stores in 63 provinces and cities, affirming the position of the world’s coffee retail chain. The best coffee of Trung Nguyen Legend on the market.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee: A successful startup model - Photo 2.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee model was strongly received by partners at the 0 VND Franchise Workshop.

At the Conference Conclude noi – Thanh cHi beautyg Franchise model 0 VND Trung Nguyen E-Coffee”More than 500 potential partners and customers in the capital and the Red River Delta region have signed up to seek cooperation opportunities with Trung Nguyen Legend’s most successful coffee start-up model.

Right at the seminar, from the actual operation of Trung Nguyen E-Coffee store – an element that is considered a difficult problem in the chain business model; to the system of excellent energy coffee products and life-changing precious books, preparation tools, and drink menus according to 3 typical coffee civilizations Ottoman – Zen – Roman gathered as a world of coffee. The most comprehensive and expert miniature coffee shops are introduced and consulted in detail for customers.

The different and special things of Trung Nguyen E-Coffee’s 0 dong franchise model and policy have brought in more than 100 contracts signed right at the conference.

It can be said that up to now, when taking into account all factors (brand, operating model, outstanding coffee quality, trendy drink menu, rich product system, training process and support). professional partner support…) of a chain of coffee shops, Trung Nguyen Legend is currently leading.

Successful coffee start-up model

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee – The world coffee retail chain chain was officially launched by Trung Nguyen Legend Group for the first time in August 2019. Up to now, after only 3 years of launching and joining the franchise race, in which it took 2 years to be affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee still maintains a strong growth rate with registration speed. opening 20 new stores/month on average.

Up to now, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee has more than 700 stores throughout the country, more than 1,000 franchise contracts have been successfully signed, contributing to realizing the successful start-up dream of the coffee enthusiast community. coffee all the time.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee: A successful startup model - Photo 3.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee brings a successful coffee startup model to the community.

With the advantage of being a brand of the leading coffee group Trung Nguyen Legend, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee model was formed and summarized through more than 25 years of experience in opening a chain of coffee shops. Not only receiving the available advantages from operations management, supply chain, training, especially Trung Nguyen E-Coffee’s partner sponsored by Trung Nguyen Legend brand honored by Forbes magazine It is known as the “awakening brand”, and has a leading position in the Vietnamese market and influences the world.

Possessing that expertise, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee is a solution – a successful coffee startup model for the community, maximizing benefits for all customer segments in the direction of franchise cooperation.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee offers cooperation opportunities for everyone from students, traditional coffee shop-grocery store owners, modern retailers, coffee business households who want to convert to a coffee shop. More professional models, companies in the fields of franchising, food, tourism, transportation, retail,…

With a franchise fee of 0 VND, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee also offers many suitable benefits under 3 cooperation packages with a cost of only 65 to 175 million VND, meeting the different investment needs of partners.

At the same time, the model is designed to be flexible, suitable and optimized for all locations with an area of ​​​​only from 4m2 to 400m2, such as: office buildings, restaurants, hotels, airports, bus stations , metro stations, markets, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, rest stops, etc.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee: A successful startup model - Photo 4.

With an average new registration rate of 20 stores/month, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee currently has more than 1,000 cooperation contracts.

The policy of cooperation to maximize the benefits for partners is committed by Trung Nguyen E-Coffee, from training support programs, consulting, management, effective store operation to marketing and promotion activities. , promotion. Trung Nguyen E-Coffee also shares an integrated management solution 4.0, allowing partners to manage store activities: Accounting – Sales – Export – Import – Inventory – Marketing – CRM (customer care) banking), Fintech (e-wallet, online banking…).

Mr. Nguyen Van Dong (Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) – a lover of Trung Nguyen Legend brand shared with enthusiasm: “Chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Group – Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu is aA man that I greatly admire – a pioneer in building a Vietnamese coffee brand and bringing the value of Vietnamese coffee to the world. With Trung Nguyen E-Coffee, this is a model of Trung Nguyen Legend Group that I look forward to because it offers the opportunity to start a business. industry for all customer segments, helping everyone enjoy the special value of coffee.”

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee: A successful startup model - Photo 5.

Trung Nguyen E-Coffee has accumulated from more than 25 years of experience in operating the chain of the leading coffee brand Trung Nguyen Legend.

In particular, positioning itself as a miniature coffee world, the most comprehensive and outstanding F&B and retail system, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee gathers excellent energy coffee products, converging the quintessence of 3 coffee civilizations Ottoman – Roman – Zen, as well as always updating new macrobiotic drinks, creating trends in the industry.

At the same time, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee provides a retail product system with up to hundreds of related items, directly serving the needs of coffee enjoyment from individuals to coffee shop owners, from the retail system. system of machines, equipment, accessories to tools and tools related to coffee…

Mr. Quang Vinh (Tu Liem District, Hanoi) – a potential partner of Trung Nguyen E-Coffee attended the Workshop and shared: OLDCoffee Trung Nguyen Legend always has a unique taste private cannot be found anywhere else. I have been studying for a long timeThe image of Trung Nguyen E-Coffee and the desire to share with Trung Nguyen the story of Vietnamese coffee, the taste and culture of Vietnamese coffee widespread.”

With the difference, especially in terms of models, products, policies to maximize benefits for partners, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee has been and is the leading business solution, meeting the start-up dream of the community. , as well as contributing to affirming the position of Vietnam’s coffee industry domestically and internationally.

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