Sidewalks that know how to talk…

This is so familiar that some people call this a form of “customs and custom” rather than just a simple renovation.

Remember not long ago, natural paving stone was advertised as durable up to 70 years. Stone paving down the sidewalk along the streets of Nguyen Trai, Tran Phu, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Huynh Thuc Khang, Giang Vo, Tran Phu (Ha Dong) … after only a few years, it was crushed. One journalist commented: “This time, replace the 70-year-old stone with the one that lasts up to … 71 years”.

It is not clear what is behind the frequent flipping and re-paving, but the reason is answered quite specifically by the managers: Because under the rock is concrete and the concrete layer is related to the station. electricity, tree stumps on the sidewalk, so it affected the quality of the rock layer; by people traveling by car or motorbike; for the restaurant to occupy; due to the need for urban renovation, etc.. Any reason is very reasonable (?!)

Not to mention another reason mentioned is the quality of construction work. Newspapers reported that recently, the Construction Inspection Sub-Department, Hanoi Department of Construction, went to inspect the pavement construction work in Long Bien district. The inspection team found that the pavement material is just imitation stone bricks, which are nearly 1/5 times cheaper than natural stone. The mortar layer is uneven, more than 3cm thick, while as a rule this layer is not more than 3cm.

So if the durability of the material is affected by the quality of construction, it is necessary to strictly punish the construction unit, the unit of acceptance and supervision. It is not possible to repeat every year the laying down, digging up as it is happening. This is a nuisance to the people, costly to the people society.

It is also difficult for people to find a satisfying answer to the question: Why? Star Every year at the end of the year, the sidewalks are turned over and redone. Sidewalk laid down, dug up is clear as day, but how much budget information is spent, invest Specific work on pavement paving is very rare, it is almost impossible for people to find specific numbers through the official websites of Hanoi departments.

Perhaps, supervisory agencies also need to check and dig up these numbers carefully, who knows, those numbers will suddenly “tell stories” that the sidewalk has not told.

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