Serbia predicts that the Ukraine conflict will escalate greatly, soon to be forced to punish Russia

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Photo: AFP

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned that the moment when the country had no choice but to yield to Western demands to punish longtime ally Russia was drawing near.

In an interview with Prva television on February 10, President Vucic said he expected the conflict in Ukraine to see a major escalation in the next six months. He warned that the fighting between Russia and Ukraine so far will not be compared with the developments to come.

The Serbian leader warned that the situation would affect Serbia, due to pressure from the West. And according to him, relations with Russia will become two or three times more difficult, although still strong for now.

The European Union (EU) has mentioned punishing Moscow for its military campaign in Ukraine and recognizing Kosovo’s independence as the main conditions for Serbia to join the EU.

President Vucic, who has rejected both proposals for months, now claims that the time when Belgrade is forced to join EU sanctions against Moscow is shortening.
“At that moment [khi Serbia trừng phạt Nga] It’s been a long time coming, I’m afraid it’s not even a few months away,” he said.

The Serbian president revealed he used to believe that the West, which backs the Kiev government with weapons, finance and intelligence, has the upper hand in Ukraine. At this point, however, he cannot judge who is winning in Ukraine.

According to Vucic, it will be difficult for Serbia no matter who wins in Ukraine. “The West does not want a country allied with Russia in the middle of Europe. On the other hand, Russia doesn’t want to lose everything it has in the Balkans,” he said.

According to him, Moscow’s chances of success have been increased by the fact that now, the Russian people are reaching a consensus on the conflict in Ukraine, especially after Germany and many other Western countries agreed to provide supply battle tanks to Kiev.

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Leopard tanks take part in training at the training range in Munster, northern Germany. Photo: AFP/VNA

Earlier, President Vucic said that the decision to give Ukraine tanks, especially the German Leopard 2s, was the biggest political mistake of the West because this move was no different from uniting the Russians than ever. time out.

Last month, Germany and the US agreed to supply several heavy tanks to Ukraine. The US committed to provide between 30 and 50 M1 Abrams tanks, while Germany committed to provide 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks from the stockpile. Germany said an additional 51 units of the same model and 88 older Leopard 1s could also be supplied by the Rheinmetall group after refurbishment.

Germany also gives the green light to countries that want to bring Leopard tanks to Ukraine. These countries include Poland, Finland, Spain, Norway and the Netherlands. Britain and Canada also said they would send tanks to Ukraine.

The decision was heavily criticized by Russia, calling it an extremely dangerous move that risks escalating the conflict in Ukraine. On February 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia’s response would not be limited to weapons alone.

Other countries have also expressed concern about the West’s move. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that supplying Ukraine with tanks is a high-risk endeavor that will not end the conflict and only enrich the arms tycoons.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also criticized Germany’s decision, saying that these Western countries are becoming active participants in the conflict. Orban has stressed that instead of arming Ukraine, the West should pursue a ceasefire and peace talks in Ukraine.

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