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Sa Huynh salt price peaked, Ly Son garlic price bottomed

Sa Huynh salt field (Pho Thanh ward, Duc Pho town, Quang Ngai province) has an area of ​​over 100ha. Salt making is the main source of livelihood for about 2,400 salt people here.

Many years ago, salt maker Sa Huynh struggled because the price of salt was too cheap, at one time the salt was only 400 VND/kg. Particularly since the beginning of the year, the price of salt has skyrocketed to 4,000 VND/kg, which is considered a record price.

Sa Huynh salt price peaked, Ly Son garlic price bottomed - 1

Sa Huynh salt farmers are harvesting salt (Photo: Quoc Trieu).

According to Mr. Gia Tan Giau – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Pho Thanh Ward – traders need to buy a large amount of salt. Meanwhile, the salt of last year’s crop has been sold out, and the new season has not yet begun. This makes salt scarce, leading to high salt prices.

Last year, salt farmers harvested about 6,000 tons of salt and because of the high price at that time, most of the salt was sold. By the beginning of this year, the supply was scarce, the price increased to 4,000 VND/kg, but people had almost no salt left to sell.

While the price of salt rose to a record, the output and garlic price in Ly Son island district (Quang Ngai province) hit the bottom again.

According to Mr. Dang Tan Thanh – Vice Chairman of Ly Son District People’s Committee – in the past two consecutive years, the output and price of Ly Son garlic have dropped seriously. Previously, the island district on average harvested about 2,800 tons of fresh garlic every year. However, last year’s garlic production was only 1,200 tons, this year only about 500-600 tons of garlic can be obtained.

Not only the output but also the price of garlic hit the bottom. In previous years, the price of garlic fluctuated at 60,000-70,000 VND/kg. This year alone, garlic is only 20,000 VND/kg.

“In the past few years, the weather has been very unfavorable, pests and diseases have thrived, causing garlic to lose its crop. Due to pests and diseases, the garlic plants are stunted and cannot produce bulbs. Garlic bulbs are very bad, causing prices to drop sharply,” said Mr. Thanh.

Sa Huynh salt price peaked, Ly Son garlic price bottomed - 2

Unfavorable weather, raging pests and diseases caused a serious decrease in the production of Ly Son garlic (Photo: Quoc Trieu).

Ly Son island district has about 300ha of garlic growing land. Ly Son garlic is grown on weathered volcanic lava and white sand. Due to the special soil, Ly Son garlic plants always have high output and famous delicious quality.

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