Proposing the health sector to “recover, regain momentum like before the pandemic”

Need to “recoil with new determination”

On February 9, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha worked with the Ministry of Health on removing difficulties in management, drug administration, procurement of medical equipment and some other important issues. .

At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha directly listened to the leaders of the Ministry of Health reporting and proposing solutions to remove some difficulties and obstacles of the industry;

Listen to and discuss with representatives of some hospitals, local health departments, ministries/sectors about the situation; trouble, difficulty; on-going solutions and specific recommendations in the management, procurement and bidding of drugs, medical supplies and equipment; hospital autonomy; financial mechanism to ensure medical examination and treatment…

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the issues raised at the meeting were very urgent, related to people’s health and lives, “both micro and macro”.

Spotlight - Suggesting the health sector to 'recover, regain momentum like before the pandemic'

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha works with the Ministry of Health.

The Deputy Prime Minister also shared the difficulties, negative and heavy effects of the pandemic on the health sector in terms of resources, drugs, supplies, medical equipment, facilities, etc.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, many previous mechanisms and policies have revealed many shortcomings and limitations, existing after the “storm” of Covid-19 passed. For example, the hospital autonomy model, which is a bright spot, also faces many difficulties, even no longer suitable. Bidding for drugs, medical equipment, and socialization in public health facilities… generated unforeseen problems.

The Deputy Prime Minister suggested that the health sector “revive with new determination, a spirit of work and dedication”, “regain the motivation like before the pandemic”, worthy of a “medical doctor”. as a sample”, clarifying the causes of the shortage of human resources, drugs, equipment and supplies, healthcare, disbursement of public investment capital, etc., thereby identifying problems that need urgent resolution or treatment. in a fundamental and methodical manner.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the mechanisms and policies on health after the Covid-19 pandemic revealed many limitations, there were still innovations, especially in the field of preventive medicine, ensuring dynamism, creativity, and innovation. resistance to diseases that may occur in the future.

The health sector must review in detail each article, clause, circular, decree, and law that needs to be amended and supplemented on autonomy, socialization, procurement, bidding,…;

At the same time, work closely with relevant ministries and branches to develop core, dynamic, specific and separate policies for the health sector to well perform important tasks, especially in health care. period of strong scientific and technological development; create a connection between public healthcare and private healthcare, businesses invest in healthcare…

Focus - Recommending the health sector to 'recover, regain momentum like before the pandemic' (Figure 2).

Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan spoke at the meeting.

The Deputy Prime Minister proposed the Ministry of Health to gather opinions of localities and medical facilities in order to put all problems into the decrees and circulars that are in the process of being amended and supplemented; study and propose the option of “one law amending many laws” or “one decree amending many decrees” for urgent issues that need to be removed immediately instead of “waiting for comprehensive repair”; closely coordinate with ministries and branches that are presiding over the development of laws related to the health sector, and at the same time, soon propose and take the initiative in formulating decrees and documents guiding the implementation of the law in accordance with their expertise. specialities of the medical profession.

Overcoming difficulties, problems,

At the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment will take effect on January 1, 2024, and the Ministry of Health should soon report to the Government on its plan to develop guiding documents. such as Decrees and Circulars.

Regarding public hospital autonomy, the Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Health to summarize and comprehensively evaluate existing models, both successful and effective, as well as lessons learned, as a basis for continuing. implement this policy together with the correct and adequate calculation of health service prices and policies to encourage socialization of health, public-private cooperation…

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, hospital autonomy must ensure fairness and equality of patients when using medical services paid for by health insurance or providing medical examination and treatment on request; ensure that the regimes, policies and incomes of doctors and nurses are consistent with market rules.

The Ministry of Health needs to promote a high degree of hospital autonomy in urban areas and areas with economic conditions in order to reserve resources for hospitals in remote, isolated and disadvantaged areas.

Focus - Suggesting the health sector to 'recover, regain momentum like before the pandemic' (Figure 3).

Give your opinion on the direction to remove difficulties for the project of building facility 2 of Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital.

At the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister also commented on how to remove difficulties for the construction project of the second facility of Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital in a “feasible, flexible” way, not just ” follow the correct process, take full responsibility”; develop strict criteria, reform procedures to promote disbursement of public investment capital…

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that the issues of the health sector need the cooperation of the whole political system. Health is a special field, so mechanisms and policies must be special. Ministries and branches must join hands with the Ministry of Health to overcome difficulties and obstacles, including those that directly affect the material and spiritual life of health workers and staff, ensuring implementation the best care and protection of people’s health.

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