Park Hang Seo is almighty, even Shin Tae Yong has to obey

In Southeast Asia, if I had to choose one person with the most desire to beat Coach Park Hang Seo, it would definitely be Coach Shin Tae Yong. Mr. Shin came to Indonesia with a terrible record when he led South Korea to cause earthquakes when defeating Germany 2-0 in the last match of the 2018 World Cup group stage. As a World Cup participant, coach Shin Tae Yong does not allow himself to fail in Southeast Asia.

Yet here, the captain of Indonesia fell before his compatriot, less famous in the international arena than Coach Park Hang Seo. Up to the last semi-final second leg at My Dinh Stadium, the two have faced each other 5 times at levels from U23 to the national team. In which, Coach Park Hang Seo has an unbeaten record against Mr. Shin with 3 wins and 2 draws. More specifically, Mr. Shin’s team has not yet scored a goal against Mr. Park.

Vietnam football - Park Hang Seo is omnipotent, even Shin Tae Yong has to serve

The first time these two strategists faced each other was in the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in June 2021. In this match, Vietnam team defeated Indonesia 4-0. It was a match where the Indonesian team was criticized for its violent kicking style, deliberately destroying the opponent.

Later that year, the two teams met again at the AFF Cup 2020. Despite being more appreciated, Mr. Park’s team only got a 0-0 draw. This achievement made the Vietnamese team only second in Group B. And then, Vietnam stopped in the semi-finals before Thailand.

The third time that Mr. Shin and Mr. Park faced each other in Southeast Asia was at the 31st SEA Games in mid-2022. Once again, Mr. Park won. U23 Vietnam easily defeated U23 Indonesia with a score of 3-0.

And at the AFF Cup 2022, Vietnam Tel drew Indonesia in the semi-final first leg with a score of 0-0 before defeating the opponent in the second leg 2-0, thereby winning tickets to play the final.

There is no denying that Indonesian football has been growing since the appointment of coach Shin Tae Yong, but for the 52-year-old strategist, that much is still not enough compared to his goals and ambitions since placing the order. to the land of thousands of islands.

This is in stark contrast to Coach Park Hang Seo. During his 5-year tenure with the Vietnamese national teams, Mr. Park won 1 AFF Cup championship, 2 gold medals at the SEA Games, helping Vietnam U23 reach the 2018 Asian U23 runner-up and finish 4th at the Asian Games. Asiad 2019.

Vietnamese football - Park Hang Seo is all-powerful, even Shin Tae Yong must obey (Figure 2).

The fact that his compatriot has achieved a lot of success probably makes coach Shin Tae Yong feel frustrated and a little jealous. The relationship between the two was so strained that they refused to shake hands, avoid face-to-face and were ready to “fight words” with each other in the pre-match press conference room.

AFF Cup 2022 is the last tournament of Coach Park Hang Seo as the captain of the Vietnam team. The semi-final second leg was the last chance for Mr. Shin to complete his goal of defeating Mr. Park. Perhaps that’s why the Indonesian coach is ready to play psychological blows … on social networks in the hope of reducing the morale of the Vietnamese players.

On the field, Mr. Shin’s students were constantly provocative and cunning with Vietnam’s hottest player, Doan Van Hau, to make him lose his temper. But all of this cannot help Indonesia win against coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students.

Vietnam football - Park Hang Seo is all-powerful, even Shin Tae Yong must obey (Figure 3).

Once again, coach Shin Tae Yong lost to his compatriot. The final whistle sounded, Mr. Shin stepped out onto the field to shake hands with each Vietnamese player in the most solemn way. At the press conference after the match, coach Shin Tae Yong admitted that the Vietnamese team won a deserved victory and apologized to the fans at home.

Indonesia has left My Dinh with a broken dream and pain. For Mr. Shin Tae Yong, losing the match against his compatriot Park Hang Seo is an undesirable scenario because this military leader has lost the last chance to smile contentedly when confronting Coach Park Hang Seo. .

Coach Shin Tae Yong is a talented person with what he has done for Indonesian football. But his efforts could not defeat the almighty Park Hang Seo of Vietnamese football. Perhaps, the name Park Hang Seo will be Mr. Shin Tae Yong’s nightmare for a long time, even though the two almost run out of opportunities to confront each other directly in the battle on the table.

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