Oil and gas upstream but could not support the falling of VN-Index

After the recovery session, the market continued to decline, although at the beginning of the session, there were not many groups of industries that fell simultaneously, but the spread from small and medium stocks gradually spread, reaching the middle of the session in red. more clearly, for example, HDC, SCR, QCG, CRE, etc.

Similarly, the large-cap group is also trading around the reference level with banks, real estate Not much better, typically VCB, TCB, CTG, VIB, VHM, VIC, VJC, SAB, etc.

Ending the morning session on February 9, VN-Index dropped 3.82 points, or 0.36%, to 1,068.4 points. The whole floor had 150 gainers, 192 losers and 87 standstill stocks. HNX-Index fell 0.13 points, or 0.06%, to 210.49 points, UPCoM-Index increased by 0.09 points, or 0.12%, to 76.52 points.

Finance - Banking - Oil and Gas upstream but can not support the fall of VN-Index

Movement of VN-Index on 9/2 (Source: FireAnt).

In the afternoon session, the market extended its downward momentum, however, the surprise was that sometimes exports, oil and gas, food stocks returned to attract money in the session, causing the market to reverse narrowly, sometimes sometimes “emerged” above the reference reached 1,074 points. However, like every session, at ATC, the market continued to fall straight.

Ending the trading session on February 9, VN-Index decreased to 8.19 points, equivalent to 0.76% to 1,064.03 points. There were only 178 gainers on the whole floor, the remaining 217 losers, and 73 remained unchanged.

HNX-Index gained 0.29 points, or 0.14%, to 210.91 points. The whole floor had 87 gainers, 67 losers and 61 standstill stocks. UPCoM-Index increased 0.82 points to 77.25 points. Particularly, VN30 basket recorded 23 discount codes.

The factors that pinned the index today were the two big players on the stock market Vetcombank and Vinhome, whereby corporate stocks fell by 1.27% and 0.37%, respectively, followed by a series of stocks that fell as follows: BID, CTG, TCB, VIC, VRE, REE, SSH, KDH,…

The retail group also turned deeply this session with a drop at the end of the session of MWG up to 1.12%, VGC down 1.11%, FRT down 2.12%, CTF down 0.29%… only SVC and the CIA is still green in this group.

Finance - Banking - Petroleum went upstream but could not support the falling of VN-Index (Figure 2).

Foreign investors have significantly reduced their net buying.

In contrast to the trend, PVD increased to the ceiling at the end of the session, along with that, PVS, KSB, PVC, NBC, TVD, DHA are witnessing a strong increase, some stocks even increased by approximately 5%. It can be said that oil, gas and mining groups are the strongest support for the market.

The total matched value in the session reached 10,474 billion dong, down 6.6% compared to the previous session, of which, the matching value on HoSE floor also decreased by 7.8% to 9,221 billion dong. In the VN30 group, market liquidity reached VND 4,349 billion.

Foreign investors became hesitant to make a net buying decision with today’s net buying value of only 11.09 billion dong. Specifically, this block disbursed 844 billion dong and sold 740 billion dong. The stocks that were bought strongly were STB 284 billion, HPG 33 billion dong, HCM 25 billion dong, SSI 16 billion dong… In contrast, the stocks that were pushed to sell were mainly VNM 53 billion dong, VIC 30 billion dong, MSN 27 billion dong. dong, DGC 20 billion dong, etc..

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