My sister-in-law accidentally helped me with an important thing

I don’t understand why I love and insist on being the wife of a divorced man. Perhaps at that time, I felt that my husband was pitiful. But after getting married, I realized that he was “worth it to be abandoned by his wife”.

It is not that I speak ill of my husband, but he does not have the will to advance, and does not know how to respect his wife. He seems to think that his wife has to do all the housework, take care of the children, and be good at making money. Every month, my husband gives me 9 million, considered completing the task. I asked him to sweep the house, prepare the rice or just wash the dishes, he grimaced, “kick the basket and touch it”.

Knowing that I earn a lot of money, he depends on his wife even more. Every time his friends came to his house to play, he would call and tell me to buy delicious and expensive food to eat. After eating, leave it for the wife to clean. Or every week, he would ask me for money to give his own child even though I have sent his mother 5 million each month. The more we live together, the more dissatisfied and frustrated I become.

A few days ago, my wife and I had an argument again. It’s not a big deal either. On days off, but my husband sleeps until 10 am to wake up because he is busy playing games with his comrades at night. After I woke up, I asked him to drive me home (I’m pregnant), and he angrily told me to drive the car myself. Talking back and forth for a while, my husband pointed his finger at me and scolded me.

We were mad at each other from that day until my sister-in-law came to visit. She brought me some goose eggs for nourishment. I cried, told her everything and said that when the child is strong, I will divorce.

My sister-in-law called my husband out and scolded him directly. She said that my husband had been broken up without knowing his mistake, not knowing how to appreciate his family, wife and children. Being a dependent man, patriarchal and obstinate, he only knows how to scold his wife, but when he goes out on the street, he stoops like a chick that has lost its mother. “The kind of man like you, I don’t even want to give it away. You should know what to live with your wife and children, don’t let the family break down again, your life will be considered as a waste“.

Before my sister’s torrential words, my husband turned pale and quickly apologized to his wife. He also promised to do housework, take me home to visit my grandma once a week and try to get more work to earn money.

Yesterday, seeing my husband actively washing clothes, cooking, and knowing how to ask his wife, I was also secretly happy. Honestly, I just hope he knows how to respect, love and care about his wife. As for the money, I can still take care of it. Just afraid of “the river is easy to change, the nature is hard to move”, if unfortunately after a few days, he turns back to being a heartless person like before, what should I do?

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