Microsoft is ready to integrate ChatGPT into a wide range of products

According to Windows Central, many users accidentally saw a preview of the new version of Bing before Microsoft quickly closed it. Recently, Microsoft is said to be preparing to launch Bing search engine with ChatGPT-4 integration. The latest leaks seem to confirm this rumor.

New Bing version. (Photo: Owen Yin)

User Owen Yin was able to take screenshots and even tried out some features before being stripped of access. However, it partly helps us envision the future of Bing and Internet search based on artificial intelligence (AI).

First, the new version of Bing recognizes itself as more than just a search dialog. Bing describes itself as a “research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner.” The biggest change between the regular web search engine and Bing AI is that the search bar becomes a dialog box. It’s larger in size, encouraging natural language instead of keywords. You can ask Bing to search for specific topics or ideas, even ask for opinions. Results returned in the form of chat balls.

All reference information will be quoted at the bottom of the chat ball for users to click to see more. For example, Yin asked Bing which movies were showing and which were the most interesting. Bing also asked Yin back to better understand the keyword and provide additional information if necessary.

According to Yin, Bing still allows traditional web search if you prefer to use keywords in the classic search box. Windows Central believes that Bing’s changes could change the way we still search the Internet. Although no event has been announced yet, Microsoft has confirmed that it will integrate OpenAI’s technology into its products, including Microsoft Teams.

In a blog, the software company detailed every new feature that will be available on Teams in the coming months. Mostly based on OpenAI and ChatGPT-3.5. Perhaps the most important feature is that the AI ​​will summarize the meeting in an easy to understand, coherent format for those who missed the meeting to refer to. Thanks to that, you will not spend much time listening to the meeting recordings again. AI will divide the meeting into categories for you to choose from.

Besides, the direct translation feature is already available. With Microsoft Teams Premium, users will be directly translated from 40 languages, making meetings more productive.

After OpenAI announced ChatGPT-3.5, the phrase AI became more familiar to ordinary users. Microsoft invests heavily in OpenAI with a sum of up to 10 billion USD. Earlier, there was information that Microsoft will integrate AI in the Office office suite.

(According to Windows Central)

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