Many fields of Blockchain application in Vietnam

If before, Vietnam often lags behind the world in technology for many reasons, now with Blockchain technology, Vietnam is becoming one of the countries leading the world trend in this field.

Until now, when it comes to Blockchain, many people often think of Gamefi or cryptocurrency (Crypto), but in reality, in the country, this technology is also applied in many different fields.

Calo Indoor, Blockchain application project in health training

Typically, Vietnam is considered a pioneer when applying Blockchain to the field of health training with the Calo Metaverse project, which is a project of sports training combined with virtual reality.

Calorie Metaverse applies today’s most advanced technologies. Using Blockchain platform to store data, apply VR / AR virtual reality technology as well as gamify all daily sports activities such as swimming, cycling, running, sports in place, climbing .. . into games. When participating in this application, users will experience a virtual world of practicing sports and can connect with many other people with similar interests around the world.

Running is the first sport to be applied on this application, and recently the development team also launched an Indoor Calorie, which helps users exercise right at home through gameplay designed with AR technology.

Another area that has been actively applying Blockchain in recent years is real estate. MoonKa is the first project in bringing this technology into real estate transactions in Vietnam. Accordingly, real estate projects will be broken down in the form of digital assets (NFT), then will be put on the exchange so that everyone can own them. After MoonKa, two projects also appeared in the same field, Metain and Realbox.

Notably, Realbox is a platform where users can buy real estate in countries around the world such as Australia, USA, Thailand and Vietnam… with prices starting from 1 USD.

The highlight when applying Blockchain in this field, according to Realbox CEO Alex Pham, all data related to real estate assets is shown on smart contracts (smart contracts) and blockchains (Blockchain). ), should be transparent, making it easier for participants and even authorities to manage these types of assets.

In the field of tourism, Blockchain is started by Triip startup, a startup specializing in providing services such as booking tours, booking rooms around the world with diverse payment methods, applied very early (2018), with the aim of The goal is to move user data out of the hands of big technology corporations and bring ownership back to customers. With the application of Blockchain, users can receive Triipmiles (the payment unit in the Triip application), when sharing detailed information about upcoming travel plans, such as destinations, hotel reservations. and hobby.

Notably, Triip and the Catalan tourism agency (Spain) have collaborated to deploy a metaverse to develop tourism in the virtual world. Accordingly, when visiting a tourist attraction, tourists will participate in tasks to own NFT collections, issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism or that city government. These NFTs can then be traded on the market and can be used to exchange for free trips and travel services. It is expected that the travel feature in this metaverse will be released in December 2022.

Another startup that is quite daring when it comes to applying Blockchain to business, that is HanaGold, also known as “Golden Shop 4.0”, a startup in gold jewelry business, which appeared at Shark Tank season 5 last.

This startup used technology to digitize physical gold. Accordingly, the gold jewelry will be applied Blockchain technology, becoming digital assets (NFT), and buyers can easily own them through dispersal into small quantities. In other words, with the application of Blockchain technology, users can buy gold with any amount, such as spending 100,000 VND to buy 0.02 gold only. And with the digitization of gold by this technology, it will create a unique, transparent and safe digital asset, authenticating the origin of gold as well as ensuring the quality of gold for buyers.

In addition, Blockchain has also been applied by many businesses in many other fields in Vietnam in recent years such as education, healthcare, customer care, etc.

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