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Man opens his eyes and is still breathing after lying in the morgue for 5 hours

“The funeral home staff called me and asked me to go there immediately. They say my brother is still alive.” The victim’s sister, Aparecida, said. Earlier, her brother, Mr. Jose Ribeiro da Silva, 62, was announced to have died at the Estadual do Centro-Norte Hospital (Goiano, Brazil) due to oral cancer. The hospital even sent Jose’s death certificate to the family.

Ms. Aparecida said they received information of Mr. Jose’s death at 8pm on November 29. After that, Mr. Jose’s body was returned to the hospital for the family to take care of. The whole family did not know that their loved one was still alive and had to spend 5 hours in a body bag during the 100km journey from the hospital to the funeral home.

It was not until 1 a.m. the next morning that the mortuary staff discovered this terrible mistake. One person panicked when he opened the body bag and found the victim inside with his eyes open and still breathing. Mr. Jose was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment and the “dead” man’s family was also informed of the rare incident.

“It was unbelievable what happened. My brother had to lie in a frozen plastic bag for 5 hours ‘, said Ms. Aparecida. She filed a complaint against the hospital treating her brother to the authorities that day. ” It is unacceptable to declare a person dead while they are alive.”

According to later investigation information, the unfortunate situation happened when one of the doctors treating Jose oncology thought that he had died due to not being able to breathe. However, in fact, Jose was still breathing through the endotracheal tube. The doctor was fired and the hospital representative also apologized to Jose’s family.

In 2020, a Paraguayan mother miraculously came back to life in a body bag after being pronounced dead that morning by doctors.

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