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Make in Vietnam sleeping machine

In order to serve a “healthy” lifestyle, thousands of health care technology devices (wellness technology) have been born such as smart watches that measure heart rate, electronic scales that analyze body indexes, and measuring devices. amount of dust in the air… Along with that, technology products for sleep (sleeptech) also appeared. But products from Vietnam are very rare.

Plunge into a difficult problem

According to the American Sleep Association, there is a sleep pandemic second only to the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of impact. If the average person takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, it means that his or her sleep health is having problems. Medical support will have to intervene, but not everyone is ready to go to medical facilities.

Vu Ngoc Tam – A famous young Vietnamese professor in the US, was once one of the youngest professors at the University of Colorado (USA) and later Oxford University (UK). As the founder of the Mobile Networking Communication lab at the University of Colorado, Vu Ngoc Tam’s thinking is to research projects and products that can be immediately applied to real life, because Technology trends change too fast.

Think is do, Professor Tam worked with Professor Robin Deterding, a leading expert in the field of health, and found himself and many others suffering from sleep apnea. This is a disease that prevents people from falling into a deep sleep. Therefore, despite sleeping a lot in terms of time, many people wake up feeling lethargic and sluggish. To monitor and treat this disease, patients need to measure brain waves at Sleep Labs.

If the US has a few thousand Sleep Labs, there are only about 30 medical facilities in Vietnam providing this type of service. Here, the patient will be attached to many electrodes to measure the quality of sleep. However, the expensive cost, the patient having to travel, made Professor Tam think of developing a personal device to solve this story.

Earable NeuroScience was born with the desire to apply brain research in daily life, thereby bringing specific benefits to the community. After developing and researching, the product of Earable NeuroScience is not only accurate measurement, but also a smart headset with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help choose the right sound for each state. each person’s brain. Plunging into difficult math problems, Earable’s products focus on improving sleep, aiming to build a technological foundation in brain science.

The first product to win an award at CES 2023

After a long time of research, FRENZ Braindband – a smart device that helps to measure in real time brain wave indicators and body indexes, thereby affecting directly by sound through speakers that transmit sound through bones has been released. life. FRENZ Brainband helps users sleep faster, better, deeper, or can also be used for relaxation purposes, increasing concentration while working. This is the only smart wearable on the market today that helps users sleep better by using sound waves, broadcasting content tailored to each person’s brain waves.

It is worth mentioning that although Earable NeuroScience has a modest staff size (about 70 people), 90% of them are Vietnamese. Particularly, FRENZ Braindband – the first product of Earable NeuroScience, has undergone 8 rounds of changing the entire design, design and actual testing on 1,250 people, so far has entered the commercial production stage. The specifications show that, with the FRENZ Braindband, 87% of the testers improved their sleep problems (patients fell asleep faster, reducing the time to fall asleep by an average of 19 minutes). Expected selling price of 350 USD/product and delivered in April 2023, this can be considered a device bearing Vietnamese wisdom capable of reaching international reach.

To gain a foothold in the market, the FRENZ Braindband will need time to prove itself. But we can be proud when this is the first and only Vietnamese product to win an award at CES 2023 (the world’s largest exhibition in the field of consumer electronics) in the Wearable category. smart wearable). The road ahead of FRENZ Braindband is still very long, difficulties are still waiting for Professor Vu Ngoc Tam ahead, but surely he and his product are cheering many other Vietnamese startups to conquer the challenge of filling in their names. global technology map, fulfilling the “Make in Vietnam” dream we are pursuing.

Trong Dat

(Posted in the Vietnam Post newspaper, issue of Xuan Quy Mao 2023)

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