iPhone 13 is used to compete in most eSports in SEA Games 31

Electronic sports (eSports) has officially kicked off with the game Free Fire at SEA Games 31. Based on previously announced information, eSports will have 10 days of competition (from May 13 to the end of the day). May 22, 2022) at the National Convention Center.

Accordingly, athletes will in turn compete with 10 sets of medals for 8 games: League of Legends, Lien Quan Mobile, FIFA Online 4, Free Fire, League of Legends: Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang and Raid.

Except for 4 games: FIFA Online 4, Raid and League of Legends, the remaining disciplines will be played on mobile phones. In particular, athletes competing in Free Fire today will be provided with ROG Phone 5s by the organizers – a popular Gaming beast from Asus.

In addition, the remaining sports, including League of Legends: Wild Rift, Lien Quan Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, will use equipment provided by the organizers or prepared by athletes themselves, with high ability. will use iPhone. In particular, iPhone 13 is determined to be the main device used for PUBG Mobile.

To ensure fairness in the match, the Organizing Committee of SEA Games 31 stipulates that the device must not be integrated into automatic programs or third-party software interference. The technical referee team will be allowed to refuse the personal equipment that the athlete has prepared in advance if the standard requirements are not met.

Even for the ROG Phone 5s used in the Free Fire competition, the Air-trigger feature will not be used to ensure fairness between the devices used.

(According to Saostar)

SEA Games eSports schedule 31

SEA Games eSports schedule 31

The eSport content at SEA Games 31 will be held at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), most likely social media channels will also broadcast live. So keep an eye on the schedule.

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