How funny is the thesis on bras?

Opinion - Where is the thesis on bras funny?

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The doctoral thesis titled “Study on the influence of anthropometric characteristics of North Vietnamese female students on the pressure and pressure comfort of bras” by a graduate student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology is receiving received great attention from the public.

Writer Nguyen Thu Ha joked: If it wasn’t for a PhD topic, it probably wouldn’t have been so busy. Because in general, the “doctor incubator” has poisoned society, making everyone wary, wary and even despise everything that the “incubator” has cast.

Perhaps that is why many people rate this thesis somewhat negatively. Seriously, half of humanity owns breasts as a symbol of gender, maintaining the race, the other half is worshiped and worshiped. From an economic point of view, bras are an industry with huge potential and huge profits.

Statistics from Statista – A world leading prestigious company in survey and data analysis – announced about this industry as follows:

“In 2020, the global lingerie retail market is valued at approximately US$42 billion and is forecast to reach a value of US$78.66 billion by 2027. The lingerie market is generally divided into two product categories. Products: Bras and shorts. Bras are the top product category in the lingerie market as of 2016, with a 55.5% market share. Europe and North America accounted for about two-thirds of the market as of 2016. In Germany, 25.5% women declares willingness to spend between 30 and 54 euros on lingerie”

For a long time, Vietnamese girls have been “forgotten” or not cared about for a long time about appropriate auxiliary costumes for physiological development. Between the ages of 10 and 14, there is no bra to both help children gain confidence and support a very important body part. The children’s age, chest shape and hair growth are uneven, causing embarrassment, loss of confidence, and developing back and shoulders in the wrong posture because of concealment guilt is quite common. The family has conditions and the mother’s care is better, but the poor or lack of care, the children are very disadvantaged.

Those who can afford it, look for international brands of Western origin, those who can’t afford it, have to use goods of low quality, with poor materials, which greatly affects their daily life and quality of life.

Fashion design departments of prestigious universities currently invest a lot in technology, garment units in Vietnam also have many talented engineers. Therefore, if there is a serious research work from which, the textile and garment industry and fashion stylist in Vietnam can self-produce to serve “half of the world” suitable and affordable underwear. Very good. There is nothing to laugh about or laugh at here.

We always have the right to dream about the real value of ideas and serious scientific research from the real life of Vietnamese intellectuals.

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