Hari Won reveals something special about her husband’s family to Korean media

Living in a multicultural family, Hari Won revealed that this is a place that makes her emotional, can give everything to her loved ones, and doesn’t regret anything.

Recently, Hari Won share interview clip for a Korean YouTube channel. When asked about Tran Thanh, Hari Won smiled happily and exclaimed: “Oh! My husband”.

According to her, both are influential on social networks, but the husband is always ranked higher. Hari Won confided, “We stay up all night just to talk. We get good influences from family members.”

Hari Won and Tran Thanh.

Hari Won shared, her family is a multicultural family: “I am Korean, my husband is Vietnamese. Her father-in-law is of Chinese descent. Her husband’s sister married a man from Hong Kong. So when we reunite for the holidays, we speak Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese and English.

For me, family is the place where I have many emotions. I want to give them everything without regretting anything. I think family is an expression of absolute love.”

Hari Won is happy to live in a multicultural family.

Hari Won shared that he had facial paralysis. Because of the swelling in her hands, muscle pain, and fatigue, she went to the doctor. After an ultrasound, the doctor concluded she had myositis. The singer continued to contact a doctor in Korea and was told that she had facial paralysis due to the nerve that controls the facial muscles. She had to travel between Korea and Vietnam for medical treatment.

It was also around this time that Hari Won and Tran Thanh got caught up in divorce rumors because they don’t often appear together. Before this rumor, Tran Thanh confirmed that they were not divorced and stopped their showbiz activities as rumored by the public.

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