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Fairy tale: The clever bunny

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The content of the fairy tale of the intelligent rabbit

In the other forest, there was a very smart Rabbit, the other animals all obeyed him, but the Tiger still did not obey anyone.

One day, when Tiger went out to play, he met Rabbit eating honey in a tree hole. Tiger stood at the exit and glared at Rabbit.

– Don’t try to run anymore! I’ve been looking for you for a long time! Want good out here submit the net!

The rabbit then made a plan to postpone the army:

– Please let me fight for a while and then I will come out so you can arrest me.

“Okay,” replied Tiger.

The clever Rabbit raised his hand in a gesture of drumming repeatedly into the hive. At that time, the sound of bees buzzing and echoing made the tiger think that it was a real drum. Excited, Tiger told Rabbit:

– You let me fight.

“You can beat it,” replied the Rabbit. “But if you hit me, I will lose my ears and lose my mind. So please, let me go far away, when you don’t hear my howls anymore, hit me.

So the Tiger forgot to treat the Rabbit, and let the Rabbit run away. When no longer heard howling, the new tiger reached into the hollow of the tree, raised his front paw into the hive.

The hive broke, the whole swarm of bees rushed to sting the tiger to darken his face. The tiger is in pain. But the bees still do not spare, wherever the tiger runs, they chase there, burning until the face is puffy to bear. Tiger knows that it is a trick Rabbit, angry bruised liver and intestines.

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The other day, Tiger happened to meet Rabbit standing by the bamboo bush. Tiger blocking the way, screaming:

“You’ve made him miserable for a while!” Stop standing there for him to punish.

(This time, the Tiger must have eaten the Rabbit! Will the Rabbit find a way to escape?)

The rabbit thought of another plan and said:

“Please let me play the harp for you, and then I’ll let you catch me.” I don’t dare to hide, he worries.

Tiger willingly. The rabbit immediately went to the bamboo bush, pretending to play a lute. In fact, when the wind blows, or the bamboo is about to rub against each other, it pulls out its legs, when the two bamboos separate, it puts its feet in. The sound of bamboo creaking pleased the Tiger’s ears, so the Tiger told the Rabbit:

– You let me play for a while.

Rabbit says:

– You can play as you like, but play well lest you ruin my lute!

– You taught me how to pluck!

– His hands are too big, he broke the guitar. So you better hit with your tail. Here it is! Whenever the two bamboos left each other, he would put the tail in the middle, and it would make a very interesting sound. But wait for me to come out. Then the Rabbit went away.

The tiger did as the Rabbit said, and was crushed by a bamboo and cut off a piece of its tail. Rabbit escaped. The tiger was in indescribable pain, roaring loudly in the sky, looking very depressed. He was determined to catch the Rabbit and tear it apart.

Walk away for a while. Tiger meets Rabbit again. But this time the Rabbit is in trouble, falling into a deep hole unable to get up. Seeing the Tiger, the Rabbit quickly called:

– Oh my God! You don’t know yet? Hurry up, the danger is here!

When the tiger heard this, he panicked and asked the Rabbit again:

– How? Gibber!

– Grandpa, do you see the wind blowing, the trees shaking? It was an omen that the sky was about to fall. There’s only one way to get out of here!

– Really? Let me down with you!

– Get down now! Staying up there is dead!

So the Tiger didn’t think anything, jumped right into the deep hole, worried about snoring, no longer thinking about treating the Rabbit anymore. Knowing that the Tiger was trapped, the Rabbit found a way to get out of the deep hole. Thinking so, Rabbit tried to tease Tiger to play. The Rabbit tickled the Tiger’s armpit, the Tiger couldn’t stand the Rabbit’s playfulness, scolding:

– Yen! You’re naughty like the devil! If that’s the case, I’ll throw you up there and let the sky fall and crush you.

The rabbit was only quiet for a while and then snuck back to the tiger. Angered, the Tiger grabbed the Rabbit’s legs and threw it into the pit. So Rabbit escaped, ran all the way to the village and informed the hunters. Immediately, they carried spears and spears to kill the Tiger.

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Good lesson from fairy tales

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The story praises the rabbit’s intelligence, quick-wittedness, and calm handling to deceive the wicked fox.

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