Facebook users can’t retract messages on Messenger

The unsend/remove feature is one of the most popular features social network Facebook requested and officially released at the end of 2018. Accordingly, users can withdraw and delete messages on the Messenger application within 10 minutes of being sent.

Facebook Messenger’s message recall feature is faulty?

To delete a sent message, users long-press on the message content on Messenger and press 1 of 2 options: “Unsend for everyone” and “Remove for you” (Delete only on the side) Friend).

However, as noted, by the afternoon of February 3 (Vietnam time), many international and domestic users said that they could not recover the sent messages with the “Unsend for everyone” feature while still having them. You can delete the message with the remaining option.

It is not clear whether this is a widespread “bug” of the Facebook Messenger application or the social network has actually stopped the message recall feature.

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