“Every time I step on stage, I still tremble”

Evening 9/2, at Hanoi Opera House, Theater Artists Association Vietnam organized the Award Ceremony of the Stage Award in 2022, starting work in 2023 with the participation of a large number of artists from many theaters and art units.

Sharing at the event, Dr. Nguyen Dang Chuong – Vice President of the Association, Chairman of the Arts Council, Vietnam Association of Theater Artists, said that theatrical art in 2022 has had a transformation, excitement and progress in all aspects. The artistic quality of many theatrical works has been improved, actively contributing to the development of the country’s literature and art, gradually meeting the audience’s enjoyment needs, fulfilling the mission of serving the political service of the Party and State, improving the spiritual life of the people in the post-Covid-19 pandemic period.

Culture - People's Artist Trung Hieu: 'Every time I step on stage, I still tremble'

Dr. Nguyen Dang Chuong – Vice Chairman of the Association, Chairman of the Arts Council, Vietnam Theater Artists Association spoke at the ceremony.

“The most encouraging thing is that most of the leaders of art units and grassroots art councils have changed their perception, focusing on invest has depth in all aspects of the selection and staging process, putting the artistic quality of the play above all else. Theaters have innovated to meet the audience’s enjoyment needs in the 4.0 technology era, in the development of many different media and entertainment art forms,” ​​said Nguyen Dang Chuong.

Talking about how to work in theatres, People’s Artist Trung Hieu – Director of Hanoi Drama Theater said: Reporter know, each art unit must create fairness among artists, whoever does more enjoys more, whoever does less enjoys less. The head of the theater must keep the right rhythm and balance between successive generations, so that both young and old artists can do their jobs and love their jobs.

“Artists all have to learn from each other, like I go to perform with young artists, I also learn a lot from them, I also have to interact with young artists. Not every People’s Artist is good or good, like me every time I step on stage, I still tremble like a newbie. For me, the more I act, the more pressure I put on, making the roles more difficult and always thinking to make the roles better. Working with a career-oriented mind will make everything better,” said People’s Artist Trung Hieu.

Culture - People's Artist Trung Hieu: 'Every time I step on the stage, I still tremble' (Figure 2).

People’s Artist Trung Hieu – Director of Hanoi Drama Theater.

Sharing about the fact that recently, many young artists have been entangled in noise and stumble about their careers, the Director of the Hanoi Drama Theater said: “Being a manager in the art field is very different, the first is now When you sleep, it’s not like when you come to sleep at 8 am, who will perform at 6 pm in the evening? Plus, at night, we still write scripts and edit scripts with the artists’ own stories. young, I will have to handle it reasonably.

I am often called “afternoon” and love my brothers so much. But if I don’t love them, who will? Seeing these and other stories spread online, I am sadder than them”, People’s Artist Trung Hieu shared.

The artist born in 1973 also wishes that the audience, when listening to a certain story, must be calm, must listen with both ears, with many different sources, not one-way. If not only after a certain comment, the artistic fate of a person will be stopped, because talented people, especially those who are talented in making art, are very rare.

Regarding the direction of activities in 2023, People’s Artist Trinh Thuy Mui – Chairman of the Vietnam Theater Artists Association said that the Association will actively coordinate with agencies and units to organize many festival activities such as contests. talented actors of tuong and folk dramas, cheo, cai luong, plays, solos and ensembles of national ethnic musical instruments; in collaboration with the Union of Vietnamese Communities in Europe to organize a beautiful voice festival for the Vietnamese community in Europe.

In addition, the Association will also organize composition camps, professional training courses for artists; launched the creation of the theme of revolutionary war towards 50 years of national unification; organize the development of a project on audience development strategy for the stage, a project on digitizing typical theatrical works, a scientific seminar on the implementation of the Party’s Resolution 19/NQ-TW on planning and events. full society professional art units.

Culture - People's Artist Trung Hieu: 'Every time I step on stage, I still tremble' (Figure 3).

Units, artists, and script writers receive the A prize for the play.

At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee awarded 4 A prizes for excellent theatrical plays in 2022, including: Cai Luong play. Land and sea (Hai Phong reform group); The play says Red rain (Army Repertory Theater); Rowing play Land and sea (Traditional Art Theater of Thanh Hoa Province); hut play Miss God (Binh Dinh Province Traditional Art Theater).

The organizers also awarded 4 awards to excellent individuals, including: Outstanding Painter Award to Meritorious Artist Nguyen Dat Tang (Hanoi); Best Director Award for Meritorious Artist Trinh Mai Nguyen (Vietnam Drama Theater); Best Choreographer Award for artist Hoai Anh (Hanoi Cheo Theatre); Outstanding Composer Award for Meritorious Artist Tuan Hai (Vietnam Cheo Theatre).

Culture - People's Artist Trung Hieu: 'Every time I step on stage, I still tremble' (Figure 4).

Representatives of the units received the B award for the play.

Besides, the Organizing Committee also awarded many other award categories, including: 6 plays won the B prize; 1 prize A for critical theory research books; 3 B prizes for writers of scripts, books of research and critical thinking; 7 C prizes, 2 Consolation prizes for script writers; 10 awards for outstanding actors…

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