Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: Fear of disease outbreaks

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People move among the rubble after an earthquake in Antakia, Hatay province, Turkey, February 11, 2023. Photo: AFP/VNA

The Turkish Medical Association warned of the risk of infectious diseases spreading after the earthquake, especially diseases arising from unsafe food and water. According to the UN, up to 5.3 million people in Syria were left homeless after the earthquake, while nearly 900,000 people in both Turkey and Syria needed food.

Faced with difficulties facing both Turkey and Syria, the World Health Organization (WHO) sent 35 tons of relief supplies to the city of Aleppo, north of Syria, while WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also visited the city, visiting hospitalized victims, shelters and sites devastated by the earthquake.

Syrian media reported that the Syrian government had authorized the delivery of humanitarian aid to areas of influence currently controlled by the opposition. Turkey is promoting the opening of two new relief routes to these localities of Syria.

The head of WHO supported the US easing sanctions against Syria for 180 days to assist the country in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters.

On the morning of February 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake with an epicenter in Turkey caused great damage in this country and neighboring Syria. As of 4 p.m. on February 12 (Vietnam time), this earthquake has claimed the lives of more than 29,000 people in both countries, including 24,617 in Turkey and more than 4,500 in Syria. Tens of thousands of people were injured.

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