Duy Manh, Quang Hai are disappointing

Van Lam: 8 points

An extremely excellent day of the goalkeeper Van Lam. Without Van Lam’s excellence, the number of goals conceded by Vietnam Tel would not stop at 2.

Duy Manh: 6 points

On the day of returning to the starting line-up of Vietnam Tel, Duy Manh had the first 45 minutes to play firmly with his blocking situations. However, in the first goal at the beginning of the second half, it was Duy Manh who made a positional error to help Poramet break the offside trap and score an equalizing goal for Thailand. He was then replaced by Bui Hoang Viet Anh.

Bui Tien Dung – Que Ngoc Hai: 6.5 points

In general, both Bui Tien Dung and Que Ngoc Hai played well in this match. The goals of Vietnam Tel all stem from personal errors. As for Que Ngoc Hai, he had a beautiful assist line for Tien Linh to score the opening goal in the first half.

Van Hau – Tan Tai: 6 points

Vietnam football - Scoring Vietnam 2-2 Thailand: Duy Manh, Quang Hai disappoint

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In the face of Thailand’s border attack, Coach Park Hang Seo asked Van Hau – Tan Tai to play low and not participate too much in attacking situations. Therefore, the contribution of this duo to the play of Vietnam Tel is not much.

Quang Hai – Hung Dung: 6 points

In the first leg final, the duo played underpowered. With Quang Hai, this player’s ball feeling is not good and often has broken passes. Hung Dung did not create many mutations in the ball situations of Vietnam Tel. Even without the excellence of Van Lam, Hung Dung became a criminal with a broken pass at the end of the game.

Hoang Duc: 7.5 points

In one day two of his teammates competed under strength, Hoang Duc mastered the midfield. He participates well in interception missions and escape pressing. In addition, the state transition situations of the number 14 also achieve high accuracy.

Tuan Hai: 6.5 points

In the first half, Tuan Hai gave himself the opportunity to finish. But this striker could not find a goal for himself.

Tien Linh: 8 points

Vietnam football - Scoring Vietnam 2-2 Thailand: Duy Manh, Quang Hai disappoint (Figure 2).

Tien Linh continued to show his “son” when scoring to help Vietnam Tel take the lead. In addition to the opening goal, Tien Linh also contributed to the general play with deep backs, attracting the attention of the opponent’s defenders to create space for teammates to climb up.

Van Thanh: 7 points

Vietnam football - Scoring Vietnam 2-2 Thailand: Duy Manh, Quang Hai disappoint (Figure 3).

Van Thanh’s beautiful long-range shot helped Vietnam to retain a draw against Thailand. This is a match where Van Thanh can only enter the field in the last minutes instead of Tan Tai.

Thanh Binh – Viet Anh: 6 points

Van Duc – Van Quyet: 5.5 points

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