Do not create barriers in the implementation of GDPT Program 2018

This morning (February 9), Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son had a working session at the delegation of the National Assembly of Ho Chi Minh City.Hanoi with the City People’s Committee and a number of related departments and agencies on program and textbook renewal.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Kim Son said that among many new points of the 2018 GDPT, the important new point is consistency, consistency, goal-oriented, “hard” in goals and output standards. Different sets of books must specify the program’s requirements in terms of educational content, quality and competence requirements. pupilorientation on educational methods and ways of testing and evaluating educational quality.

According to the Minister, the program is very open and flexible for local leaders, the Department of Education and Training, leaders of schools and professional groups, especially the initiative of teachers and finally, the initiative of teachers. learner.

With such initiative and flexibility, don’t use a “hard” mindset to handle things. One of the examples of “very hard” thinking shared by the Minister is the transfer of students.

The Minister said: “Our students when finishing secondary school can go to high school programs of countries around the world. What if they also ask the question of not allowing the transfer because the student is missing a part of the subject, for example?

The high school program is designed, students at the end of a certain level must meet a certain general standard. Thus, the basic standard, the basic competency scale must be taken as the standard.

Do not for the reason that students of this school learn a few lessons slower than other schools, nor should this school choose one set of books, the other school chooses another set of books, or they have a different subject in the combination… but don’t let students transfer school. Doing so is against the spirit of the new program.”

Education - Do not create barriers in the implementation of the 2018 GDPR Program

Currently, GDPT Program 2018 has entered its 5th year of implementation.

Along with that, the Ministry of Education and Training requires that there should not be any barriers in transferring students’ schools, because the program is unified and all must follow the program.

With students’ differences in subject choice, according to the Minister, the subject deviation can be compensated for, because students’ learning is long-term, lifelong learning. Official Letter 68 guiding the conversion of selected subjects and study clusters at high school level of the Ministry of Education and Training is not recommended to transfer after one semester because it is most convenient for learners. Until the end of the year, then students have summer time to make up for their knowledge.

Industry representative education also said that should not ask the question that students learn local education knowledge, go to another province to study another local education? The most important part is understanding about the nation, the nation, about patriotism, about humanity; while the locality equips them with more depth and sophistication, helping students to perfect.

“Don’t localize for a national education. Never put barriers to provinces, localities, or schools. That’s the spirit of this program”, the Minister shared and asked students to be supported when there is a need to move. That should be done with the spirit of education so that students can compensate and improve themselves and teachers and schools support them. The spirit of consistent direction of the Ministry of Education and Training is like that and the people in the industry must be transparent.

Recently, the Ministry of Education and Training has organized the production of more than 600 lectures on television, delivered directly according to the program without following any textbooks. Since then, it has been emphasized once again “the haunting story of the difference that needs to be erased”. As for each set of textbooks has strengths and forte, users need to take advantage and promote those forte points..

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