Despise women or cultural disabilities

A few days ago, TP – a fairly “famous” photographer posted on his personal Facebook page a few thoughts, roughly saying that he was both angry and in love with women over 40 for taking nude photos. , because he only sees women beautiful when young.

His tone is full of ridicule and contempt for women. This article has received many responses. Among these were also some angry condemnation. I wrote a comment, saying that before, I thought he was a decent artist, but he was just a lowly ward. His post was later deleted or made inaccessible to me.

Ethically, this photographer is ridiculous to put women on social networks to make fun of, especially those who have trusted and loved, become characters in his work.

In terms of art, he has a very distorted and incompetent point of view. Because the beauty of art is different from the beauty of life. As an artist, he should have discerned that. The language of art is another. Each work of visual art needs its own voice of shape, color, line, light … to have its language.

When the artist does not understand the language, he pushes himself to the edge of true art. This leads me to suspect that his more or less famous nude photos have been successful by luck.

Likes to see young girls, that’s his job. But when he publicly stated that only young girls should model nude, he was ignorant of the profession and culturally handicapped.

Viewpoint - To look down on women is a cultural disability

Journalist Dang Tieu.

Comment from the person in charge of the Multi-Dimensional column:

Above is an article by journalist Dang Tieu, she is also an art collector living and working in Hanoi. The article was not only a reaction to a mere artistic conception, but actually a response to anti-civilization behavior in dealing with women.

Life used to have thousands of standards “nailing” women into old habits. It reflects how men take over the world. This is inevitable in a rustic, simple life, where “men hunt, women gather”.

Life is changing every day, women today are no longer confined to a certain standard, but have gradually joined the fields that people are used to evaluating as “only for men” Humanity has witnessed. many women conquered Mount Everest, flew into space, became a leader, gave birth to new ideas for the world to shine, won Nobel prizes…and countless other achievements not inferior to men.

Women have changed a lot, but at the same time, they are still wives, mothers, soft software to balance the roughness of the other half of the world. Only men seem to have changed. Men today are still as diligently exploring the world as males did after millions of years of evolution.

Men always have the need to express their “masculine” nature, and there is no more intuitive way than to love, hunt, conquer, and cherish women. And among them, including revealing the non-progressive mindset that exists as a constant – the mindset that despises women.

Actually, I’m not surprised that the words of the photographer TP are not rare. I’m just amazed at how a man who has always been in the name of beauty brazenly shows his contempt for women – which are the main characters of his works.

These days men all over Vietnam find ways to show respect to women. Referring to the story of the TP photographer is actually to remind myself about how to treat women. Strictly speaking, this life operates according to the reason of birth – formation – prosperity – destruction, so are men or women. All were once young and beautiful, but they will also grow old and die in the cycle of things. It is because of the demise that mankind longs, honoring every moment that beauty comes into being.

Talking about the things that are not beautiful to see, people (including all men, of course) always cherish every beautiful moment in life, respect women, appreciate the way women bring beauty to the world. gender.

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