“Death” of paper household registration book, how to enroll first grade 1, grade 6?

Concerned parents

Having a child about to enter 1st grade, Ms. Tuyet Hanh, living in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City, is quite confused by the regulations that the household registration book and temporary residence book will expire from the beginning of 2023 according to the Law on Residence.

Because according to Hanh’s research, in previous years, the assignment of children to primary school was based on the permanent and temporary residence addresses in the household registration book and the family’s temporary residence book.

“When going through the enrollment procedures for your child, the school requires a notarized copy of the household registration book or temporary residence book. So, in the future, I don’t know on what basis will my child be assigned and what documents do parents need to prepare to prove their residence and complete admission procedures for their child?”, asked Ms. Tuyet Hanh.

Before buying a house to get married in 2013, Mr. Tran Minh Duc, from Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City, was interested in finding schools for his children. Mr. Duc accepts in the central area, the house price and all the expensive expenses for his children to go to a good school. It is the household registration book in the area that is the “command card” that guarantees his child to attend the desired school next to the house.

“In the near future, one of my children will enter 1st grade and the other will enter 6th grade. If according to the previous household registration method, both children will go to a school near home, there is nothing to worry about. But, now leave the book. household registration, I don’t know which school my children will go to, I don’t know where they will go?”, asked Mr. Duc.

Many parents also believe that the household registration book is the most “sure” way for students to be admitted to the right line, an important basis for the districts to assign schools to students. Therefore, the “death” of the household registration book makes many parents, especially those with household registration in school areas, worried about their children’s enrollment, even worrying about running school, going to school, or going to school. line.

Still recruiting based on the place of residence

Mr. Phan Si Dat, Head of Education and Training Department of Tan Phu district, said that the new provisions of the Law on Residence basically do not affect the initial enrollment of localities. Because the household registration book or paper temporary residence book has expired, the residence of citizens is still managed in a digital form on the national population database system or by chip-based citizen identification.

In addition, each student is managed by an identification number, which contains residence information. Thus, removing the household registration book is only to simplify administrative paperwork, while the initial enrollment in districts is still on the basis of classification according to the student’s place of residence.

According to Mr. Phan Si Dat, usually before the first entrance exams, the wards will organize a review and statistics on the list of children of school age, then send it to the Department of Education and Training.

Based on this list and the number of seats of primary schools, the district’s admission board will assign and publish a list of wards for the locality to issue invitations to students to come to school.

For students entering grade 6, primary schools will base themselves on the enrollment council’s classified list to proactively transfer 5th grade student records to secondary schools according to the correct line. After that, the secondary schools announce the list of students who have been admitted to the school.

Education - Ho Chi Minh City: 'Death' of paper household registration book, how to enroll first graders in grade 1, grade 6?
The first-level enrollment work in HCMC will step up the actual investigation for proper alignment.

In Tan Phu district, the first-level enrollment has been done online for the past 3 years, so the removal of the paper household registration book does not affect this process. When receiving a call for admission to grade 1, parents use that to apply for admission online.

“The district will allocate the number of students in the first grade to schools on the principle that children go to schools in the same ward or neighboring ward. Star for the most convenience and ensure enough study space for children residing in the area. When removing the household registration book, parents do not need to submit the household registration book when applying for admission, but only need a certificate of residence issued by the commune or ward police,” Mr. Phan Si Dat instructed.

The most important stage is the actual investigation

As a complex area in terms of mechanical population, a representative of the Department of Education and Training of Thu Duc City said that giving up the household registration does not mean free enrollment but still has to be based on the actual residence. Therefore, when issuing the enrollment plan for the first classes in the school year 2023-2024, Thu Duc City will have specific regulations.

In which, people with many different places of residence must choose a place of residence to confirm on the enrollment registration software. Currently, Thu Duc City and the districts are all implementing online enrollment and based on the real address of the people.

Thus, it is not only based on the student’s identification number but also on the citizen’s identity of the parent, the student’s family status. For example, depending on family circumstances, students live with their parents, or guardians. Or there is a situation where people after a new enrollment plan propose to change their accommodation.

Mr. Nguyen Thai Vinh Nguyen, Head of the Department of Education and Training of Thu Duc City, pointed out that in some cases in neighboring provinces, they deliberately entered their residence so that their children could study in Ho Chi Minh City, causing overload in some neighboring areas. For these cases, it should be based on the actual investigation of the ward and resolved after the enrollment is completed.

In the near future, wards and residential groups will focus on investigating residence information according to residential areas, mainly identifying information of residents. family There are children preparing to enter grade 1. Grade 6 is still mainly assigned based on the primary school they are attending, except for some additional cases, “said Mr. Nguyen.

And Mr. Ngo Van Tuyen, Head of Education and Training Department of Binh Tan District also emphasized that the work of residence investigation and data entry is the most important, while the paperwork is only a formality, not affecting the enrollment.

Basically, the work of the dedicated team education in the locality every year, it is doing the pre-enrollment survey and continuing to do the universalization work to ensure the enrollment rate after enrollment.

“Locals need to verify the actual residence time to have the appropriate alignment. Because there are cases that claim to be long-term residents but actually move to the place of residence right before the time of enrollment, it is very difficult for the district to arrange schools according to lines. Therefore, with these arising cases, the Departments of Education and Training suggest that the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City have specific instructions”, Mr. Tuyen suggested.

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